Qandeel Baloch and Kamaal R Khan
Qandeel Baloch and Kamaal R KhanTwitter

Controversial Pakistani model Qandeel Baloch took to Twitter to mock another controversial personality from India, Kamaal R Khan, popularly known as KRK. Qandeel shared screenshot of a conversation between her and KRK that shows the latter inviting Qandeel to India. 

Qandeel called KRK as "Indian Joker" and mocked the "Deshdrohi" actor on Twitter. The diva shared the screenshot with the tweet saying, "Look at this Indian Joker! He calls himself KRK the stalker lol #krk #joker #stalker #indianclown #qandeelbaloch (sic)."

KRK apparently told Qandeel that she has become famous now and so she should shift to India for work. Qandeel was in news recently after she had said that she would strip dance for Shahid Afridi if Pakistan cricket team would beat India in the ICC World Cup T20 match. While India defeated Pakistan in the match, Qandeel later shared some of her steamy dance videos and dedicated the act to Team India. She had even expressed her love for Indian cricketer Virat Kohli on Twitter.

On the other side, KRK keeps raising eyebrows with his controversial tweets. The self-claimed movie critic had faced ire of several Bollywood celebrities for his tweets on them. The most recent Twitter war that KRK got into was with Sidharth Malhotra. It started after KRK had made an unpleasant tweet about Alia Bhatt regarding a photoshoot.

"Alia looks so Bacchi in panty but still some people keep forcing her to wear it," KRK had tweeted first. This was followed by Sidharth's tweet, "Sir ! We also try very hard to tell u to shut up but u keep tweeting ! @kamaalrkhan." KRK then replied saying, "Sir Ji @S1dharthM 130Cr ppl of India also try very hard to tell you to stop acting but you keep doing films to harass them." And Sidharth's reply was, "I think u need English classes sir! as you didn't read and understand my previous tweet!"