Director Luv Ranjan's Bollywood movie "Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2" (PKP 2), which released in theatres on 16 October, has garnered positive reviews from the audience around the world.

"Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2" is a romantic comedy movie that is a sequel to the 2011 hit film "Pyaar Ka Punchnama". Besides direction, Luv Ranjan has written the script for the film with Rahul Mody and Tarun Jain. The movie revolves around the story of three bachelors, who experience changes in their lives after falling in love with the kind of girls they always wanted.

Kartik Aaryan, Nushrat Bharucha, Sunny Singh, Sonalli Sehgall, Ishita Raj, Omkar Kapoor and Manvir Singh have played the lead roles in "Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2" and all of them have done brilliant acting. Their performances are the main highlights of the film, say the audience.

Some viewers opine that "Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2" has got brilliant production values and it is a notch better than its prequel. Many film-goers shared their verdict on their Twitter pages after watching it. We bring you some unique comments. Here is the live update of 'Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2' (PKP 2) movie review by the audience:

Dhruvi Shah | Alice ‏@dhruvis

Just watched #PyaarKaPunchnama2 and I have to say it's absof***inlutely hilarious! You have have to watch it. #FilmReview after ages. Here's my Facebook review: Usually, sequels are made only to cash in on the franchise. But I haven't seen a happier, participative, whistling audience in a sequel. Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 packs a stronger punch than the first one and that in itself is the admirable feat. The characters resonate with the youth of today. Of course, like the first one, this one also offers a stronger male perspective but given the number of rom-coms from the women's perspective, nobody seemed to mind. The real winner, is the writing of the film. Actors do due justice to the script and they must be thankful for such wonderful direction. ‪#‎PyaarKaPunchnama2 is a real entertainer. It has all the elements of an awesome film, humour (lots of it), drama, improved production value and emotion, real emotion. After the success of Kartik Aaryan's monologue in the first one, it was an expectation that he recites another monologue. And boy, does he deliver on the promise! I guess I'm going to stop gushing now and recommend, strongly, that you watch the movie.

Salilacharya ‏@Salilacharya

This #pyaarkapanchnaama2 is rather funny ... I always like it when the acting is good .. Yahan toh sab full majee This #pyaarkapanchnaama2 is rather fun ... #superfunny always enjoy good performances rarely has a cast worked so well #PyaarKaPunchnama2 @NushratBharucha @theaaryankartik @mesunnysingh briliant @SonnalliSeygall @PKP2Official cont @omkarkapoor @Itzishita well done ull #PyaarKaPunchnama2 and well nice ly bght together by the captain @luv_ranjan #mustwatch just a atd long but trust me ull will luv #PyaarKaPunchnama2 might scare u a bit as to how real it is but ull laugh anyway #welldone guys

Fukat_Pateli ‏@fukat_pateli

#PyaarKaPunchnama2 is that one gem of a movie which is at par with the first one. The new cast was surprisingly excellent. " Kaunda self respective aadmi , live match ko record karke dekhega" @PKP2Official. #ROSL *rolling on the seat laughing*

Rajiv Vijayakar ‏@rajivvijayakar

#PyaarKaPunchNama2 a riot yet realistic, Fantastic! @ParagDesai

BollywoodJournalist ‏@BollyJourno

#PyaarKaPunchnama2 is super fun!! Hilarious first half! Such films shouldn't have an interval. Waiting for the second half to start..

Rohit Vats ‏@nawabjha

If you like the original then you'll like it even more. #PyaarKaPunchnama2 is a witty and hilarious film. Fantastic watch. @NushratBharucha

Bhumika Thakkar ‏@bhumika_t

Fun movie!! I expected it wont be as good as the first but equally good! #PyaarKaPunchnama2 @PKP2Official @Olacabs And higher budget is very much visible in the print, production, direction, etc #PyaarKaPunchnama2 @PKP2Official @Olacabs And the classic dialog by Kartik is back! And improvised, watch tid bits on my Snapchat @bhumika_t #PyaarKaPunchnama2 @PKP2Official

Faridoon Shahryar ‏@iFaridoon

Luv Ranjan's #PyaarKaPunchnama was a trendsetting film.#PyaarKaPunchnama2 is jus a rehash of d 1st 1.Whats the point in copying ur own film? 3 boys fall in luv wid 3 girls at d same times follow,followed by d torture by d girls.8 min monologue 2 #Same #PyaarKaPunchnama2 In spite of the mundane n similar plot,Luv's writing is mostly entertaining though over use of expletives is uncool. #PyaarKaPunchnama2 Omkar K n Sunny Singh make excellent debut.Both r natural actors n look grt.Kartik is decent.Ishita shines amongst girls #PyaarKaPunchnama2 If you haven't seen the first part you'll find #PyaarKaPunchnama2 a decent entertainer. Don't expect much and you may come out with a smile.

Anshul Purswani 7781 ‏@anshul7781

#PyaarKaPunchnama2 not better than previous one, but ek baar to bilkul banti hai.... Karre dialogues hain....

Shomini Sen ‏@shominisen

So far Sunny Singh is standing out for his hapless boyfriend act in #PyaarKaPunchnama2. You feel for him the most.

Anshul Mohan ‏@anshulmohan

#PyaarKaPunchnama2 is so much fun! All the very best .@Abhishekpathak1 and the entire team. Laugh out on this one everyone. Don't miss it!

Prateek ‏@DelhiKaGeezer

LOVED! #PyaarKaPunchnama2. Laughed so much in a movie after a very long time. Kartik's rant against women had me in splits. Brilliant!

Niket Shrivastava ‏@iamniket

What a movie #PyaarKaPunchnama2 must watch 4.5 * from me thank you @theaaryankartik @NushratBharucha for entertaining!!

Saurabh Jain ‏@gangwalsaurabh

#PyaarKaPunchnama2 quite a movie to watch. It's hilarious in parts but be sure its funny all the time. #recommended

IBNLive Movies ‏@IBNLiveMovies

First half of #PyaarKaPunchnama2 is stereotypical but hilarious! And completely from men's point of view

Manishalakhe ‏@manishalakhe

#QuickReview #PyarKaPunchnama2 deja vu. some clever writing and fun moments but same ole boys dumb women bitchy story. goes on and on..

Karishma Ahuja ‏@kinnobee

Loved the movie #PyaarKaPunchnama2 @omkarkapoor @mesunnysingh @theaaryankartik great performance guys rocked...#FunTimes

Brutal Critic ‏@pratik140390

And i think i can speak of #PyaarKaPunchnama2 now.Absolutely fun ride .breezy screenplay and excellent dialogues and sequences I have not seen first part of #PyaarKaPunchnama2 so i enjoyed it immensely. Perfect chemistry between lead actors and it depicts reality

Sabah khatau ‏@sabahkhatau

#PyaarKaPunchnama2 # rocking # movie must mst watch#awesome#superb#fantabulous @omkarkapoor @theaaryankartik @mesunnysingh @PKP2Official nushrat_bharucha gorgeous fabulous # great job #PyaarKaPunchnama2 ..I love u I love u I love u