Russian Soldiers dressing up as Ukrainian Army
Russian Soldiers dressing up as Ukrainian ArmyYouTube

A video involving a Ukrainian army sergeant, who came in support of the Russian invasion of Crimea, has gone viral on YouTube. However, now it is emerging that the army sergeant may have been an impostor, and in all probability a Russian soldier.

In the video, a guy in a military uniform, calling himself a Ukrainian army sergeant, claims that the Ukrainian forces are in face working alongside the Russian troops and there has been no pressure from the Russian soldiers.

The fake Ukrainian army sergeant further claims in the video that the nationalist television is spreading lies about the Crimea issue, and in fact there has been no provocation, as the people are working together with the Russian forces voluntarily. The video, which was posted on 8 March, has gone viral and has over a million views till now.

Ukrainian Defense Ministry, however, quickly came down on the self-titled "sergeant". It is now being established that the video is the handy work of "pro-Russian radicals."

A website,, dedicated towards stopping false information and Russian propaganda claimed that the so-called Ukrainian "sergeant" is holding, an automatic AK-100 series gun and is something not used by the Ukrainian army. In fact, the machine gun is used by the following countries: Venezuela, Russia, Armenia, India, Indonesia and Kazakhstan.

Recently, Molly K McKew and Gregory A Maniatis, independent consultants who advise governments, told the Washington Post that Vladimir Putin was indulging in a 21 century warfare that involved Soldiers-of-no-nation and cyberattacks that will weaken the morale and increase the confusion in Ukraine.

The article stated that by using soldiers-of-no-nation for troublemaking and street-fighting, Putin remains unconstrained by the laws, rules and conventions governing warfare. The forces in Ukraine has Putin's hybrid of soldiers and terrorists: hidden faces, hidden command-and-control, hidden orders but undoubtedly activated to achieve state objectives.

Similarly he is resorting to cyber-tactics to interrupt the flow of information and add chaos.

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