Mahesh Babu and Puri Jagannadh have made Pokiri and Businessman together. These films have brought a new trend in the industry back then and of course, both films are considered masterpieces in their careers. Mahesh and Puri shared a good bond and rapport with each other, but for some reason, they somewhat became like enemies, leaving fans wondering.

All this started a few years ago when Puri was deprived of hits in his career. In an interview, Puri once said, "Mahesh's fans want me to work with him. But what they don't know is, he doesn't work with any director who is out of form.

Puri Jagannadh
Puri Jagannadh

"He always wants to make films with directors who are in top place, and in demand. Mahesh's fans are better than him and they trust me at least." Puri Jagannadh even added that he is a 'man of character' and that he will never work with Mahesh again, even if the latter wants to do.

Back then in 2016, which was almost four years ago, Puri announced a film called 'Jana Gana Mana' with Mahesh as the lead. The film would have gone on floors only if Mahesh would have given a formal nod. It was that point where their relationship went for a toss.

Mahesh Babu
Mahesh BabuTwitter

Also, at the Maharshi event last year, Mahesh failed in mentioning Pokiri is one of the biggest hits of his career and this made it clear that something was wrong. Later, he took to Twitter the same night and corrected himself. He didn't just thank Puri but said that 'Pokiri' made him a superstar. Even Puri retweeted this with delight. Everybody thought the Puri-Mahesh clash was much ado about nothing after this incident.