The theatrical trailer of director Puri Jagannadh's upcoming film "Loafer", which marks Varun Tej's entry into mainstream films, has failed to impress the audiences.

Varun Tej, the son of Chirnajeevi's brother Nagababu, made his acting debut with "Mukunda", which failed to do well at the box office. Some people advised him to take to mainstream films. But he deliberately avoided it because he was not sure of doing mass-pleasing films at the beginning of his career.

His second film "Kanche" was experimental, did very well at the box office and got him a big break. Mega family fans were curious to know what kind of script he has chosen for his next film. The trailer of his third outing "Loafer" shows he has chosen a mainstream flick.

Going by the trailer, "Loafer" is a routine commercial entertainer with a tried-and-test script. The video shows Varun Tej playing a mass-pleasing role in a film made in the regular Puri Jagannath style. The movie has all the masala ingredients like romance, action, comedy and family drama.

The trailer of "Loafer" released on the official YouTube channel of Puri Jagannath on 8 November. The 2.06-minute video has been viewed by 115,734 people on the popular video-sharing website. It has got 1,598 likes and 469 dislikes within 24 hours of its release. Nearly, 200 people have commented on the clip, most of which are mixed responses to it. Here are some comments:

Sajid Sohail: Didn't expected Varun tej to do this after mukunda and kanche..

Sowgandh Bellam: Music is not up to the mark , but Varun Tej is looking stylish when compared to his previous films...

Ravi Kumar Chilukoti: Looks promising combo of Puri and Varun.. Stunning visuals.. All he best Puri Jagan and team!!

Prem Arsh: Mixture of All Puri Jagannath's movies, same and routine story, same characterisation of artist, same Brahmanandam, Mukesh Rishi roles with some cheap Music director.

Hai2sriram: I wonder whether RGV having influence in Puri..or vodka having influence on both RGV and Puri.. Varun looks handsome, looks story got some feel but music and background score too bad

Maheswara Reddy: Music is too bad,similar to jyothi lakhmi . routein trailer...but only good thing is varun is looking in ur mannerism . u have to update...nd change ur mannerism.

Trv. Kishore: Same old movie making, nothing new, PURI Sir plz change ur style of move making. really vexed with these kind of stories. Please come up with new scripts. Even these scripts dont work in B, C Centres also from this time. Telugu audience looking for new concept movies. PURI Sir and VINAYAK garu plz change ur style of movie making.

Jammu Jagadesh: Same mannerism of hero in every puri movie.That's too boring.Every hero had his own mannerism, leave them to do in those own mannerism. Pepole also like them with those oen mannerism.

Pawan Kumar: Trailer looks okay.. Backgound score a big let down...production values look cheap. Puri garu school marchali..

DV Akhil Bunny: Puri sir u totally disappointed us with the trailer hope u will reach our expectations with the movie.