Punyalan Private Limited, Jayasurya, Ranjith Sankar
Punyalan Private Limited has been released all over India on November 17.Punyalan Private Limited/Facebook

Actor Jayasurya's Punyalan Private Limited hit the theatres on Friday, November 17. The Ranjith Sankar directorial has been one of the most awaited movies in Malayalam, thanks to its impressive prequel Punyalan Agarbathis that garnered a tremendous response from the audience.

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Being produced and distributed by Jayasurya and Ranjith, the comedy entertainer has got a wide release across the country on the opening day itself. Apart from Kerala, the movie has been released in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Goa, Maharashtra, Goa, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat.


Jayasurya plays Joy Thakkolkaran, an entrepreneur who comes up with a unique product — water sold in tetra packet — in the market. How he deals with the existing system and the methods he adopts to make his new dream come true forms the crux of the story. In the prequel, the character was involved in the business venture Punyalan Agarbathis made from elephant dung.


Punyalan Private Limited also has Aju Varghese, Sreejith Ravi, Sunil Sukhada, Dharmajan Bolgatty, Vijayaraghavan, Vishnu Govind, Arya and Guinness Pakru in significant roles.

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The teaser, trailer and songs of Punyalan Private Limited have already impressed the audience and have raised their expectations for the Jayasurya starrer.

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#PunyalanPrivateLimited A winner for sure. Such a pleasant story presented in a very likely manner Jayasurya ✌️ Music and BGM Decent Performance from the lead cast which makes it a good watch. Overall GO FOR IT ⭐Rating : 3/5

Chandra Mohan Gopinath

None of you would have forgotten Joy Thakkolkkaran, the youthful, smart, witty and energetic entrepreneur who tried his luck with doing business wherein he came up with a novel idea of incense made out of elephant dung. This character from Ranjith Shankar's wholesome entertainer Punyalan Agarbattis gets a revisit through a sequel titled Punyalan Private Limited. The sequel matches the level of entertainment and humor quotient of the prequel and has adequate doses of comedy and drama in it making this film a lively and watchable one.

Directing his ninth film and having Jayasurya in the lead in four of those put him in a sort of comfort zone when it comes to combination between actor and director. This time Joy, the protagonist played by Jayasurya venture into another business adventure and tries his luck with packaged drinking water branded as 'Punyalan Vellam' in an attempt to succeed and woo the market with his brand. Here also he faces bottlenecks in different forms and finally he lands up in a catchy situation of representing the common man and fight against a good for nothing Government and a useless head of the state to prove his stance.

The story here (scripted by Ranjith himself) is quite simple and straightforward with quite a number of portions giving prominence for humor and light hearted moments. But the writer in Ranjith Shankar has tried to dwell upon several serious things in the process which we see around us and those which are the hot topics of discussion in our society off late. So hartals, communal problems, aadhar linking, waste management, playing our National Anthem inside cinema halls and other current issues in our system do get a mention as the story's narrative progresses.

Fun Family Package, thats how the makers of this film was promoting it and the movie has kept its word doing justice to that tag line. How the protagonist achieve his objective in the end was shown in a casual and easy manner but that cannot take away the cause for which the movie stood up. I don't want to go into the political aspect in the film but the way in which the crowds reacted by applauding thereby voicing their consent to some of the issues being shown in the film makes it crystal clear that the common man is fed up and wants their voice to be heard.

Packaging of the movie is a notable aspect here with weightage given to comedy and at the same time touching on some serious issues in the latter half. Certain things happening in the film especially the post intermission portions can make you wonder if it is really possible and easy to react in that way. But the intentions here is clear and sincere and hence I wish to turn a blind eye towards those and wants to appreciate the writer in Ranjith Shankar for bringing some serious issues before the public through this medium.

Among performances, Jayasurya enact the character of Joy just like how he did it in the prequel. One cannot find much difference in his appearance as well as the way in which he has acted if we compare the two films. Greenu, the trusted friend of Joy played by Aju Varghese in the first part do not have much of a role here and is casted for namesake while Sreejith Ravi's character Abhayakumar gets ample screen presence on the humor department. Dharmajan is a new addition to Joy's team and along with them, we also have Vinod Kovoor, Pakru, Sunil Sughada, Ponnama Babu, Jayaraj Warrier and Vijaya Raghavan to support.

Punyalan Private Limited is thought provoking as well as entertaining and a mass film. It will make you laugh and at the same time makes you think. In my opinion, the sequel is a one time watchable entertainer and Ranjith Shankar has succeeded in presenting a topic mixed with seriousness and humor in a clever fashion. Rating - 3 / 5


very good film . Puniyalan Pvt give us so much of question to Govt. it's a awesome movie . every one perform well. Jaysury prove once again that he is a brillent actor


Before all political parties together burning off the theatre.. go and watch this flick... dialogue delivery is superb and all of those were right points against our system... hats off to all the crews who where behind this film


Hat's off ranjith shankar and jasurya for a memorable movienthis is the movie for all new generation for seeking whom they are and what theyThinking to do for our society


super movie shows the actual situation of the society must match movie for every citizen who lives Kerala entammee oru review ettappo oru relaxation und


It is a Good movie. And very interesting, also includes social activities which are presently on. It is a comedy movie as well as showing some sort of serious issues.


No proper script and screenplay.same story same pattern. not good as first part. Comedy level is too low, Sreejith Ravi is irritating with the song.

Nikhil V

hey giving positive attitude while watching the movie . good movie somewhere the old story but ok ok family movie . must to watch the movie...


unwanted duology. makes the first part totally lose credibility. cliche comedy cliche acting . they can make movies about the same problems of our system and society every year coz these problems are still there every year.


The movie dont have any freshness. Story screenplay is very lagging. Dear Ranjith please dont make a movie just because you need to have a release each quarter, Bring with some good plots like your old movies. Its very sad to see the talented dirctors and actors are doing these kind of movies.


Brave attempt from ranjith & Jayasuriya..a movie against corruptions for current issues...better than the first part...all played their role well.


Worth Watch First Half! Dialogues from @Actor_Jayasurya about current situation problems top notch  First Half - 3.5 / 5 Second Half - 3/5 It's a Complete Winner!! Another SUPER HIT from @ranjithsankar - @Actor_Jayasurya Team  #PunyalanPrivateLimited is a MUST WATCH. ↪ Power packed Script and Brilliantly Executed from @ranjithsankar ↪ Top Notch BGM and Screen Play ↪ Heartwarming Act from Jayasurya ↪ Humour Scenes from Supporting Casts ↪ Entertaining!! Complete Winner

Dialogues about National Anthem and Currently Trending " Relaxation" Dialogue from @Actor_Jayasurya got some thunderous applause from the theatre audience. Brilliantly Executed @ranjithsankar. #PunyalanPrivateLimited is a simple movie from @ranjithsankar which makes us laugh and think at same time. Well Written and the Flawless Performance from the casts makes this a Must Watch! Lived up with expectations! SUPER HIT in all the way

PJ Arun Ngl‏

#PunyalanPrivateLimited 1st half superb better than 1st part.. dialogues r heavy... Eagerly waitingfor 2nd half

#PunyalanPrivateLimited2nd half also gud.. overall gud watchable movie with gud comedies here n thr.. dialogues r d main + in this movie.. Bo verdict hit to super hit

Malayalam box office‏ 

#PunyalanPrivateLimited Very good 1st Half Very well packed and presented by @ranjithsankar Comedy #Dharmajan

Ajin Omanakuttan

Punyalan Private Limited Superb movie... Superb counters. Not just a comedy movie its a political satire of kerala. Climax could've much better. Its a must watch movie. Well done Punyalan Cinemas Jayasurya Ranjith Sankar my rating 4.5/5
#FDFS #PUNYALAN Really enjoyed a lot. Waitingum expectationsum verutheyayilla... :) joyettan porichuttooo... ;)

  • Punyalan Private Limited, Jayasurya, Ranjith Sankar
    Punyalan Private Limited movie review by a netizenFacebook
  • Punyalan Private Limited, Jayasurya, Ranjith Sankar
    Punyalan Private Limited movie review by a netizenFacebook
  • Punyalan Private Limited, Jayasurya, Ranjith Sankar
    Punyalan Private Limited movie review by a netizenFacebook


same story of punnayalan first part cliche filled scenes boring and no freshness ranjith Shankar if you have no new plot don't take movies ie better

Forum Reelz

#PunyalanPrivateLimited Interval : Fun Filled First Half , With Lots To Laugh Big Claps For Court Scene #JoyThakolkkaran #AbhayaKumar #Jimberoottan #PeerDhanish Waiting For Second Half ✌️

Deepa Soman

The first half is an entertaining mix of powerful dialogues one can relate to, humour that strikes a chord instantly and the changes that have shaped our lives in the past few years. The protagonist fearlessly criticises the government that pushed us into demonetisation and stays silent when people fight over silly issues that never existed before.

Ashwin Bharadwaj

The problem with wide release is that the "release day" feel is no longer there. Even a promising film like Punyalan has got only 3 rows of audience on it's FDFS.