In view of rising crime against Punjab Police, another shocking video has surfaced on social media. While enforcing lockdown, a Punjab police officer, ASI Mulkraj, was dragged for a few kilometres on the bonnet of a car in Jalandhar as the police officer tried to stop the driver for a curfew pass.

The incident occurred, on Saturday, May 2, at Milkbar Chowk when the car owner, Anmol Mehmi, driver of Ertiga car, refused to stop as the police officer tried to stop him asked for a curfew pass. The officer then climbed the bonnet to stop the car but the driver kept driving with the police officer hanging on the bonnet. 

Punjab Police

Driver booked for attempt to murder by Punjab Police

As ASI Mulkraj holds steadfast to the car's bonnet, Additional Station House Officer (SHO) Gurudev Singh and other police officials chased the car and stopped it within 200 metres from the Chowk. The accused was escorted and then thrashed by two Punjab police officials.

DGP Punjab Police tweeted, "Jalandhar based Anmol Mehmi, driver of Ertiga vehicle, which almost ran over ASI Mulkh Raj, arrested& his father Parminder Kumar (car owner), both booked for attempt to murder etc by@cp_jal Punjab Police has a 'zero-tolerance policy' against such acts. All advised due caution!" 

Speaking to ANI, Investigating officer Suresh SInghr said: "A car approaching Milkbar Chowk was asked to stop by the police, but the driver didn't stop the car. ASI Mulkraj, who was on duty there climbed the car's bonnet when it didn't stop. The driver dragged the ASI to some distance." The police officer didn't get any serious injury in the incident.  Punjab Police has booked the driver Anmol and his father Parminder for attempt to murder.


This is a second such incident recorded in Punjab. Earlier on April 12, a group of 'Nihangs' (Sikhs armed with traditional weapons and dressed in loose blue top) injured two police officers and the chopped-off hand of another police officer at Sabzi Mandi, Patiala.

In a bloody clash in Punjab, a police officer's hand was chopped off and other two police officials suffered grievous injuries on Sunday, April 12 when a group of people attacked them in Punjab's Patiala district on being asked about curfew permission.

At around 6:15 am, a group of five armed Nihangs (Sikhs armed with traditional weapons and dressed in loose blue top) who were travelling in a vehicle, were asked to stop at a vegetable market in Patiala by the Mandi board officials.