A newborn baby was sold off for ₹8 lakh to a businessman in Delhi via social networking site Facebook, reported Asian News International on Wednesday.

It was alleged that Noorie, the baby's mother, was told by her father that the child was dead.

Refusing to believe it, Noorie lodged a complaint with the police.

On investigation, police found that the child's grandfather, Feroze Khan, and his aide Irfan had sold off the newborn to a nurse, Sunita, at a hospital for a sum of ₹45,000. The woman in turn sold the baby to Gurpreet Singh, lab assistant in the same hospital for ₹3 lakh.

Singh further made a deal with a Delhi-based businessman via Facebook and sold him the infant.

Police have booked the businessman identified as Amit Kumar.

Police located the baby and nabbed the four accused, including Noorie's father.

They added that Gurpreet, the lab assistant, had even sent photos of the infant to the businessman before selling him the baby.

Police say that Gurpreet took ₹8 lakh from Amit and distributed ₹75,000 among Sunita, Feroze and Irfan.

Police are most likely to register a case under Information Technology Act since the deal was struck via the social networking website.

It is believed that Feroze wanted to get his separated daughter remarried and hence planned to sell the child.

Noorie had given birth to the baby boy at Satyam hospital on 3 April.