Punit Balan
Punit Balan

-Rupees 2.50 lakhs to be donated to the team of the movie Mulshi Pattern

- Rupees 5 lakhs cash to be donated to Marathi Chitrapat Mahamandal, Pune

Mr. Balan was the Producer of the blockbuster movie of the 2018 Mulshi Pattern. A film that spoke about socially relevant messages with agriculture as the backdrop.

Mr. Balan in response to the call of help from the Writer & Director of Mulshi Pattern - Pravin Tarde, stepped in to assist in these difficult times.

Mr Balan, a young and dynamic entrepreneur, and businessman said that the lockdown because of Coronavirus, as has been the case with various industries, the film industry is facing immense losses. The concern is for the daily contract workers who form a part of the Production teams. They are the ones who are going to face tough times. I am glad to be of help to these people. I will be donating an amount of Rupees 2.50 lakhs to the Mulshi Pattern team and Rupees 5 lakhs to be given to backstage workers, junior artists from the theatre, film and also those from cultural activities that take place in the city. This donation shall be given to Chitrapat Mahamandal, Pune. The cash is to ensure that those in dire need shall be able to get through their monthly ration and basic requirements.

Mr. Balan also assured that he will be willing to help again should there be an extension or prolonged lockdown.

Mr. Meghraj Rajebhosle, Chairman of Chitrapat Mahamandal thanked Mr. Balan for this generous gesture and appealed to film Producers to come forward to help and take responsibility for at least 10 people. This will help them to sustain and tide through these difficult times.