Amid rising Coronavirus cases in the country, a video from Pune showing a girl dancing her heart out to welcome her sister who battled coronavirus has taken social media by storm. Netizens couldn't get enough of the positivity and were in awe of the girl's performance so much that the video was watched over 2 lakh times, with 17,000 likes. 

But behind the exhilarating performance of the 23-year-old girl, Saloni Satpute, is a heart-wrenching reality of the society amid the pandemic. The dance 'Hatt Ja Re Chokre' was not just a heartwarming gesture for her sister but a message to her neighbours who hesitated to come forward and shunned her during the difficult times. 

Saloni Satpute
Image credits: Loksatta/Twitter

Saloni who belongs to Dhankawadi area of ​​Pune lives with her family among which five of her family members were tested COVID positive. All her family members were hospitalised while she stayed alone at home.

Saloni's father tested positive on July 4, following which her grandparents, sister and mother were also admitted to different hospitals. 

'My neighbours who would talk to me, shunned me' 

During self-isolation, Saloni spoke about the hostile attitude of neighbours towards her. Having gone through a mental breakdown, society ignored her presence completely and decided not to keep a tab on her leaving her alone. 

According to Saloni, the people who even spoke to her regularly, ignored her when she sat outside alone. Speaking on further, Saloni said, "The attitude towards the family members of the affected person should be changed. During this time, I maintained good mental health by enjoying yoga and reading. During these times, people should not be pushed to a level of depression."

"The women in my area, who would at least exchange a smile did not bother about me. While I did not expect the neighbours to aid me, but a simple enquiry would help me feel better and battle my woes."

'Society needs to change their attitude towards people suffering from COVID'

Talking to Loksatta, Saloni expressed, "The society needs to change their attitude towards the families of people suffering from coronavirus."

Eventually, Saloni's family recovered and battled Covid-19 successfully and returned home. On knowing that her sister, Snehal, was returning home, Saloni decided to throw her a grand welcome and relieve herself of the pent up emotions and trauma, she decided to dance her stress off. Her sister also was left awestruck by the welcome and decided to groove with her Saloni. 

Snehal said, "She had not shared what she was going through when we were undergoing treatment. It was only when it became impossible for her to bear the isolation that she briefly mentioned about the neighbour's attitude.