'Pulp Fiction' is undoubtedly one of Quentin Tarantino's most iconic movies. But can you imagine this cult movie without its legendary star cast — John Travolta, Bruce Willis and Uma Thurman? Quite difficult, isn't it?

Well, let us tell you that these actors were not the director's first choice and clearly, Tarantino wasn't interested in casting them. Don't be surprised. This is what the leaked original cast wish list of 'Pulp Fiction' reveals.

Quentin Tarantino is always known for his casting choice, and you must be thinking 'Pulp Fiction' cast is an epic choice, but according to new document leaked by reddit user PCchongor, the director's first choice to play Vincent Vega was Michael Madsen and not John Travolta, and Eddie Murphy was the one considered to play Jules Winnfield. Interestingly, Uma Thurman was not even on the list to play Mia Wallace.


Though there is no proof as to how original this cast list is, it looks quite authentic. Exploring further deep into Tarantion's mindset, this list also reveals that the director wanted Tim Roth or Jhonny Depp as Pumpkin; John Cusack was his first choice to play Vincent's drug dealer Lance and apparently, Matt Dillon, Sean Penn and Nicolas Cage were all ahead of Bruce Willis for the role of boxer butch.

If you think of it now, how weird 'Pulp Fiction' would have turned out to be with Tarantino's original choice. It makes you wonder --- would the film have actually bagged seven Oscar nominations and become Tarantino's biggest box office hit?

Maybe, maybe not — but all that we can say is 'Pulp Fiction' aura is never-fading. You can still look at the list and imagine and analyse if Quentin Tarantino's other choice would have done better justice to the respective roles or whether the cast in the final film are just as perfect?