The Telugu version of Ilayathalapathy Vijay's Tamil movie "Puli" has garnered mixed reviews from the audience in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, who are impressed with its visual effects.

Made simultaneously in Tamil and Telugu, "Puli" was to release in both languages on 1 October. The release of its Tamil version was delayed by half-a-day and it hit the screens on Thursday afternoon due to some financial issues. The Telugu version was released in theatres on Friday evening.

The mega budget film is being promoted in a massive way, almost similar to the recent blockbuster "Baahubali the Beginning". Its promos had created a lot of curiosity among the film goers in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Many of them were eager to know whether the film will really match the standards of the SS Rajamouli-directed historical movie.

But "Puli" failed to meet the expectation of the Telugu audience. Though the lead actors' performances and superb production elements impressed the viewers, the slow and dragging narration, which mars the beauty of "Puli", disappointed them. Some blame director Chimbu Deven for not executing the story well on screen.

We bring you some Telugu viewers' verdict on the film posted on Twitter. Continue to read "Puli" movie review by Telugu audience:

Ravi Kiran ‏@kinnuPSPK

Ah black panther fight & ah kullu comedy thappithe rest parledu ok ok..CG, Visuals, Songs, RR, Vijay - Shruti scenes bagunayi #Puli 1st half Good CG, Art work & Visuals, 2-3 songs, RR, #IlayathalapathyVijay, Few Good scenes here & there kosam okasari chuseyachu #Puli

aHf ‏@adhyayam

#Puli seems like a good fairy tale on paper but miserably failed in exectn.Dir cmpltly faild inspte of havng star cast,budget and decent VFX

Survi ‏@PavanSurvi

Yawn inducing first half.. What in the world were they thinking?? #Puli This is not the worst Vijay movie I have seen. #Sura beats #Puli. Hands down.

Hari Krishna Raju ‏@harikraju

A Chimbu devan ' s first half... Oh my mad .... #Puli Manam Meher ramesh ni anukuntam kani #ChimbuDevan gadu Meher amma mogudu saami .../... #PULI Second half starts on an interesting note... Maha aithe moodu nimishalu aa santhosham.. Vedhalam test episode is nice Sridevi getup ... Dialogues.. Performance::: bhawaaaaaa LoL BGM parledu Kani songs jaaaga B .... Vijay signature steps tho lagutunnadu Brave heart scene tho #Puli flashback started ... Rudra kante comedy ga undi ee getup Nee shapam vittitu manishan aaite.... Instead of "the end" they would have used the above dialogue itself. #PULI Unga sandosham dha en sandosham - Vijay #Puli with some political punch dialogue - which costed cancellation of two special shows? Chimbu devan gadi M ki saastanga pranamam ... Btw M = Movie = #Puli On paper the basic outline and setup would have excited #Vijay to accept #puli but director failed in presenting the same effectively #puli a patience tester

Prashant S ‏@sssprashant

Watched #Puli yesterday! First half is slow and boring. Movie has picked up in the second half. Can watch once!

Venkat Chowdary ‏@venkatchow07

#Puli is not as bad as it is been criticised.Keep reviews apart nd watch it

Manisagar ‏@Manisagar_ms

#puli have some minus in making but the flim is well made and effort of crew is high so go and watch puli in theater it gives visual treat!!

Deepak ‏@deepuzoomout

#Puli proved a star hero,VFX & budgets aren't enough to make magnum opus BB, it requires a visionary director like @ssrajamouli #Baahubali

Raj RulEZZ ‏@kraj246

#puli VFX is damn better than #Bahubali ,story too only screnply lackng,Tht jump in Bahubali,oh my god!crap scene,in puli it looks realistic