The much-awaited "Puli" starring Ilayathalapathy Vijay was released on Thursday, 1 October. The mega-budget film, which was expected to be the next "Baahubali", has got mixed reviews from the audience. 

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"Puli" comes as a welcome change for Vijay fans, who are used to his action-oriented masala films. The latest movie belongs to the fantasy-adventure genre and the actor has not done this kind of movie earlier. 

The movie has an ensemble cast. While Vijay plays the main lead in the flick, Kannada superstar Kiccha Sudeep plays the role of an antagonist and yesteryear sensation actress Sridevi Kapoor essays an important role too.

Shruti Haasan and Hansika Motwani are the two female leads in the flick, which has been written and directed by Chimbu Deven. Vijay's former manager PT Selvakumar has graduated to the role of a producer with "Puli". He has collaborated with Shibu Thameens to bankroll the project, which is made with the budget of above Rs 100 crore.

Story & Review:
Yamanadevi is the Queen of Vedalapuram. But she is a puppet in the hands of cruel commander Jaladarangan played by Sudeep, who has set his eyes on the throne. On the other end, we are introduced to Marudheeran (Vijay), who leads a happy life with his sweetheart Pavala Malli (Shruti Haasan) in a nearby village.

At some point, Pavala Malli is abducted and Marudheeran's foster father Vembunathan (Prabhu) is killed by Vedalam clan. How Marudheeran saves his sweetheart Pavalamalli (Shruti Haasan) is narrated in the second half.

Vijay is highly impressive in his role and his screen presence is the biggest strength of the movie. Sudeep has a fantastic opening but his character is not well-defined. Sridevi is elegant and Shruti Haasan will be seen in a glamorous role. The technical team like VFX and music have played major roles in making the film a quality movie. On the negative side, the film lacks good screenplay. In the end, it has just turned out to be an average outing. 

Average Ratings Given by Audience: 2.5

Below, we bring you the audience response to the movie:

Jeya suriya Posted

Vijay is from a place called #VedhalaDesam in #Puli
Electrifying Intro for @KicchaSudeep in #Puli
#Aadukalam Naren #KichaSudeep #Prabhu so far in #Puli
Terrific Casting for #Puli even Child artists of #Vijay and #Shruti
Vedhalathukitta Puli Pathungi tha Paayum A dialogue in #Puli
Thambi Ramiah and #Jangri Madhumitha are Pairs #Puli
Villain group Name #Vedhalam in Puli And Vijay trolls the group often in this first 10 mins
#Puli is an MGR kind of film in #Vijay career
@rajkarnalli @KicchaSudeep Terrific here in Theni! #Villanous
Vijay says himself that he is #Meesa vacha #aambala #Puli
#Puli opening song is Massive
Will be Special Claps and Whistles for Vijay Movements in #Puli
Shruti Pairs with #Vijay in the Opening song
#1st half done-A Family Package Takes time to settle in..!
Expecting Second half to have some engaging elements.Lacks Elements for Vijay Fans in First Half
When @chimbu_deven said a Fantasy Genre Entertainer he meant it Classic scene in a Commercial way like #AayirathilOruvan

Veera PULI Selvaa Wrote

#Puli Brave attempt by my Thalaivan @actorvijay
BGM Tharumaru @ThisIsDSP VFX Screenplay only lacks... Overall 3.25/5

Sidhu Wrote

#Puli: Film swoops down from the cringe-worthy, melodramatic flashback sequence in the 2nd half. Yet, it is definitely not as bad as Sura!
#Puli: Chimbudevan has to take up the blame for whatever went wrong. His creativity is evident, but it doesn't transform into a narrative.
#Puli: Strict one timer. An ambitious attempt which isn't all that it could be. Watch it for Vijay and the visual splendour.
#Puli Interval: Not bad. A decent fantasy adventure with a lot of interesting, never-seen-before characters. Slightly sluggish though.

Sreedhar Pillai Wrote

#Puli 2.5/5. Does not live up to expectations. The roar that one associates with a big budget fantasy adventure is missing. Storyline weak
#Puli 2.5/5. Vijay does justice to his father and son role. But characterisation of Sudeep & Sridevi is ineffective and not strong enough
#Puli 2.5/5. The vfx of Kamal Kannan & cinematography of Natraj is commendable.Music of @ThisIsDSP is good loved Yendi & nice picturisation
#Puli 2.5/5. The girls @ihansika & @shrutihaasan r adequate, & @VidyuRaman as Lilliput makes u laugh

Surendhar MK Posted

#Puli: Pretty average first half. Vijay excels in his choreography. Shruti Haasan is killing with her costumes . Story yet to engage.
#Puli: What a wasted opportunity this is. Disappointing is the word.

Kollywood Cinema Wrote

#Puli 3.25/5 "Watch this movie with Kids - Surely it entertain you"
#Puli 3.25/5 Downside @chimbu_deven Screenplay no grubbing in second half. Little drag. BGM was not so good, Heavy sound. It irritate more
#Puli 3.25/5 @natty_nataraj Camera angels are really impressive. Art Direction #Muthuraj did the job well. CGI Good with this budget.
#Puli 3.25/5 @VidyuRaman #Sathyan #Thambiramaiya Comedy good. @Nanditasweta small character but its very good. @KicchaSudeep entry is Good
#Puli 3.25/5 @ihansika performance was good comparatively @shrutihaasan in this film. @SrideviBKapoor performance was terrific Good comeback
#Puli 3.25/5 A Good Visual Treat. #Ilayathalapathy #Vijay Rocked in all area (Stunts, Dialogue Delivery, Dance, Fight & Romance). Good Show
Stunning Climax #Puli CGI Outstanding

Aashish Jonathan Wrote

#Puli 3/5 movie
Interesting attempt, but lacks execution. Movie changes between each 20mins from being good & bad
#Puli 3/5 the VFX & other stuff were a brilliant effort. Music @ThisIsDSP Sucked big time.
Thalapathy charm all over the movie
#Puli 3/5 a definite once watch movie, one cannot & should not judge the movie without watching it.
#Puli 3/5 Even though a Vijay fan, I thought there were too many political & mass dialogues. Could have avoided them as its boring
#Puli 3/5 The rows behind me were filled with kids of age 5-10 & Grand parents. No kidding
No wonder Vijay movies collect the 100C easily

Rajasekar Tweeted

#Puli - After #Sura , a wishy washy film from Vijay. Ponderous ride with a lifeless story
#Puli - Appalling movie with a clichéd backdrop. Quotidian execution by Chimbu Devan, pity that Vijay has selected this script.
#Puli - Sridevi's character is yet to be revealed. Hope the pace gets accelerated . Second half will be the key!
#Puli first half - Movie moves at a leisure pace. VFX is too good, Vijay as usual steals the show. Waiting for the second half!!

VJ Abishek Posted

There were #Vijay films, now comes the film which has @actorvijay Happy about my favorite star transcending :-* #Puli
Loving the production design in #Puli Kudos to #Muthuraj for his efforts!
Beautifully sequenced opening song in #Puli loved the choreography and the shot division. Samma package.
A decent first half with just few glitches. @actorvijay has definitely experimented by being a submissive part of a complete package. #Puli
Not forgetting the graphics in #Puli? Not bad at all. #Lilliput portions include cute creativity and frolics by the sidekicks ;)
#Vedalam frst came through #Puli or through #Thala's title? Adutha kozhi Motta sanda. I wonder y this happens. We guys shud maintain harmony
Adventure-fantasy goes full throttle with a solid story. @actorvijay does the needful while songs test the patience. #Puli
@shrutihaasan is definitely Brahma's best work. Her flawless beauty embellishes #Puli

Ramesh Posted

#Puli [3.25/5]: A Full-on fantasy movie.. Good visuals/VFX.. Right amount of pace.. Works mainly due to #Ilayathalapathy #Vijay's presence
#Puli [3.25/5]: #Ilayathalapathy #Vijay 's body language, dialogue delivery, sword fighting, dance and comedy are the major highlights..
#Puli [3.25/5]: @shrutihaasan dominates the first half.. She looks gorgeous and matches #Ilayathalapathy #Vijay in dance steps..
#Puli [3.25/5]: Dir @chimbu_deven should be commended for making a kid friendly fantasy movie in Tamil and @actorvijay for doing this movie
#Puli [3.25/5]: @Nanditasweta comes in flashback.. Limited scenes.. But powerful and emotional sequence @actorvijay comes in a diff get-up
Lot of #Vedalam reference in #Puli..Enemy / Mysterious Fighters are called Vedalams..
Puli.. Puli.. song.. #Ilayathalapathy Vijay terrific dance.. Fans r dancing..
Lot of #Vedalam reference in #Puli..Enemy / Mysterious Fighters are called Vedalams..
Yendi.. Yendi.. song @shrutihaasan at her glamorous best #Puli
#Puli : @SrideviBKapoor entry gets the 2nd best applause after #Ilayathalapathy
#Puli 1st Half : @shrutihaasan makes a good impression.. #Ilayathalapathy 's comedy scenes with Thambi Ramaiah are a riot.. @ThisIsDSP BGM +
#Puli 1st Half : So far, so good.. Full-on fantasy movie.. #Ilayathalapathy #Vijay's screen presence is Mass.. Dance, fight and comedy r gud
#Puli 2nd half is a treat for #Ilayathalapathy #Vijay fans.. Full of Mass scenes and dialogues.. Thanks to trailer, fans start clappin b4..

Haricharan Pudipeddi Wrote

Time for #Vijay to reunite with ARM. Give us Thuppaki 2 or something along the lines. Still think #Thuppaki is Vijay's best in recent times.
#Puli is Sura part 2 made on a lavish budget. It's much worse than I expected it to be. A nightmare I can't describe in words.
#Puli interval. Hope the best is reserved for the second half. Barring few good moments, hardly anything happens in the first half.

Karthick Sampath ‏Wrote

#Puli- Below average 1st half n above average 2nd half makes an average entertainer. CG at it best in few scenes, worst in few. 2.75/5
#Puli Second half did what, it lacks in first half. Dnt expect too much. 2.75/5.

Common Man Sathish Posted

#‎Puli‬ First half - Kudos to Ilayathalapathy for trying to do experimental script. Has Simbu Devan done justice to him? Only second half will answer that question.
#Puli First half - Ilayathalapathy goes to Vedhalam's fort to save his wife Shruthi Haasan
#Puli - Ilayathalapathy has believed Chimbudevan with experimental script, but he has absolutely done no justice to him or the budget

TamilTalkies.Net Posted

#Puli First Half: Too slow it take so much time for character development also screenplay not convincing
May be like #Sivaji theri 2nd half?


#Puli 1st half-Extraordinary Visuals,Awesome comedy track Warrior Vijay strikes hard...Great entertainmant..full feast for every audience

Kaushik LM Posted

Thaara thappattai pattasu kiliyudhu .. @VettriTheatres. #PuliFDFS .. Fan frenzy .. Jam packed .. Moments to go for the start. Excited #Puli
The villains in the film are called the #Vedalam group ... #Puli ..
#Vijay's dance moves are super duper in the Puli Puli song, the 1st in the film. What grace and agility with him. Big visual treat #Puli
#Puli 1st half 3 songs, Puli Puli, Yendi Yendi & Jingliya. The Lilliputs are cute. 2nd half shd detail the hero's fight against the Vedalams