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Pucca is a household name among the kids of South Korea. The lovable animated character has been reinvented as a 3D animation for her own TV show nearly 10 years after her creation.

According to CJ E&M, "Pucca" will be aired on local cable channels and its affiliated channel Tooniverse as 3D animated character from December 19, 2018. It was earlier stated that CJ E&M has reportedly signed a deal with VOOZ who are credited with the characterization of Pucca in 2000.

Pucca is a lovable niece of three Korean noodle house owners known as "Goh Rong" located in a small village surrounded by mountains. The said character is in love with a ninja called "Garu", a shy and reserved character. Pucca invariably enters into a fight with Gary adding to comical element.

Pucca was initially started as an animated online e-card which gradually became a rage in Korea and Asian countries. Jetix later obtained license and television rights for the character along with VOOZ. Pucca shorts often featured on MTV and as fill-in between cartoons. The shorts were later transformed into series with more extensive plots and voices, which gained popularity worldwide. Pucca merchandize like apparels, accessories, stationery and gifts became a rage among the youngsters. Pucca expanded her horizon though toy lines and video games catering to the younger generation.

As per 2017 Hallayu White Paper published by the Korean Foundation for International Culture, Pucca ranked as one of the most popular Korean character outside Korea creating an interest in CJ E&M to launch new projects based on Pucca.

A source from CJ has stated that the 3D show will be filled with action, comedy and a strong storyline based on the rivalry between two restaurants with Pucca fighting to impress her guests.

Quoting Kim Young-wook, Head of the Animation division at CJ E&M, "Pucca's character of being adorable, yet summoning massive strength in times of trouble, will be beloved by not only children aged 7-9, but also young women and millennial."