After releasing the 0.11.5 update, Tencent Games has come up with a new 0.12.0 patch with several improvements to the PUBG Mobile. However, this is a beta version and needs some time to fix bugs and the company wants the public testers to experience the new 0.12.0 update and send their feedback before it can be released to the public en masse.

Mobile phone users are advised to the clear the storage, as the new 0.12.0 update is said to weigh around 1.8GB. Some of the new things coming with 0.12.0 update to the PUBG Mobile game include new infinity mode that will allow a member to survive a whole night fighting zombies, new weapons to beat the enemy and several features that will add quality of life.

PUBG Mobile update
PUBG Mobile updateTwitter/PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile 0.12.0 update [patch notes]

  • New Infinity Mode: Darkest Night: This mode, as the name suggests, will help you survive the whole night while fighting zombies. If all teams remain alive at dawn will win.
  • Companion System. Players can take a companion into battle. Enemies will not be able to see them, so there is very less exposure risk. You can also earn Companion EXP if you take a friend into battle, and also unlock Companion emotes.
  • Survive Till Dawn Improvements: Stun Grenades can now be used to stun zombies.  Tencent has added Liquid Nitrogen Grenades to freeze enemies in order to curb their movement speed. Other addition includes jumping zombies and zombie dogs. Some zombies can now climb over low walls or onto the roof. The new update also brings RPG-7 and Jungle Style Magazines. Flamethrowers now deal more damage. M134 handling has been tuned. Zombies now move slower after being hit by firearms.
PUBG Mobile 0.11.5 update released
PUBG Mobile 0.11.5 updatePUBG
  • Friendly spectator: This feature is said to allow the user to watch their friends fight and also know the key stats and also, you get to information on how many are watching the same gameplay along with you.
  • Crosshair colour: This feature allows you get to customise the crosshair with multiple colour options including red, holographic, 2x and 3x scope crosshair to either red or green.
  • Bug Fixes: Tencent has resolved a bug where hair was not displayed correctly when equipping certain headgear. The new update also rectifies a bug wherein Season 6 Pants caused graphics issues in certain footgear. It also fixes a bug where doors were not displayed properly. Fixed a bug where players may get stuck in buildings in certain areas.

The new PUBG Mobile 0.12.0 beta is available in both Android and iOS version--here; interested players can download and experience the new gameplay features.