PUBG mobile.

PlayerUnknown's BattleGround, widely known as PUBG to the world, is always in the news for spoiling youngsters as well as grown-ups. PUBG has become a rage in the gaming community. The game has been often accused of spreading barbarity among kids after multiple incidents of PUBG's negative effects were reported all across the country.

Recently, 24-year-old Nagesh Gore and 22-year-old Swapnil Annapurne were knocked down by a train in Maharashtra's Hingoli district on Sunday, March 17. The two were so engrossed in playing the game near the railway tracks that they were run over by the Hyderabad-Ajmer train. The incident happened at Khatkali Bypass in Hingoli, over 570 kilometres from Maharashtra. The people living in the region had recovered their bodies late in the night.

An accidental death report has reportedly been registered at Hingoli police station.


Earlier, a fitness trainer in Jammu was traumatised while playing the game. The man started punching himself after getting addicted to the game and injured himself badly. He had to be hospitalised and underwent medical treatment.

In another case, a teenager in Mumbai committed suicide after his parents denied of purchasing an expensive smartphone to play PUBG.

Also, a man from Malaysia was reported to have left his family and his pregnant wife after he was "disturbed" from playing PUBG.