After releasing his famous song, "Gentleman" and "Gangnam Style," K-pop star Psy has taken a long hiatus from the music scene. As his loyal fandom awaits his return, news reports suggest that the singer is currently working on his comeback. 

According to Psy's agency, YG Entertainment, the singer has completed working on his newest album and is planning to release it soon. A recent article on Allkpop suggests that Psy is working with YG to work out a marketing plan to promote his songs.

Psy's latest album includes collaborations with music producer Yoo Gun Hyun, who helped to create hit songs like "Gangnam Style" and "Gentleman." The article also stated that Psy is working with other music producers like Kush on a song that could indeed be the title track for his album.

Psy's new MV is reported to have two parts. Insiders in YG Entertainment told Allkpop that the singer has finished filming the first part and will perhaps shoot the second half of the MV in the second week of October. 

So far, the release date for the new album hasn't yet been set, but a recent report on Kpopstarz suggests that the MV might be released in November 2015. 

Meanwhile, Park Sang Hak a.k.a Psy is embroiled in an eviction dispute with his tenant, Song Hyeeon-Ae, a coffee shop owner in Seoul. Psy's tenant alleged that her agreement has been violated by the singer, who attempted to evict her multiple times, reported UPI