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New details are available of the rumoured PS4K or PS4.5, which Sony has reportedly been planning to introduce in order to power its upcoming PlayStation VR and 4K video content. Gaming site GiantBomb has reported, based on the confirmation of multiple sources, that the rumoured PS4K is codenamed "NEO."

Further, the NEO could feature an improved CPU, GPU and memory. The report noted that every game going to be shipped from October would feature two modes — the "Base Mode" for the current PS4 and the "NEO mode" for the upcoming console.

The report said when compared with PS4, the NEO's HDD is the same, but there are chances of it coming with improved capacity or connection speed. The NEO could feature upgraded hardware for stable frame rate and higher visual fidelity when games run at 1080p on HDTVs. It is likely to support 4K image output, but games might not be 4K native.

The NEO would use the same PSN store, and purchases made on PS4 can be retained in this new console, the report said. So the software would be compatible for both. The NEO is designed not to unseat the current model but for both to co-exist.

Also, the report notes that there might not be any "NEO-only" games. The games will reportedly be built for both consoles. Moreover, the NEO could offer an eight-player co-op mode unlike a four player co-op mode in PS4. Games released for the NEO reportedly might not have exclusive VR mode.

The report does not mention the price of the console, but quotes one from previous reports, which had indicated that the upcoming device might sell for $399.

Sony is seeing to it that the users of PS4 and NEO versions are connected, and has issued guidelines regarding it to developers, the report added.