Either popular retailer Target knows something we don't, or we have all been living under rocks all this while. Either way, this will bring a lot of joy for all those still waiting to own a PS4, provided you are willing to be a believer.

According to reports, Target has hinted that the PS4 could be up for a $50 price drop in the US, if a latest advertisement is to be believed. Target's "Video Games" section recently heralded a brand new advertisement, speaking about a majorly revamped $349.99 price tag for the PlayStation 4. While fans will rejoice the news across the US, it is to be noted that the price cut comes ahead of any kind of official word from Sony on the matter.

While Target currently has no PS4 consoles that are listed at the advertised $349.99 tag, the retailer is indeed offering multiple $399 bundles that come with a $50 Target gift card.

As we mentioned before, Sony is yet to announce anything officially related to a price cut for the console. Maybe fans can expect the big news ahead of the holiday season.

Stay tuned for more updates!

[Source: Twinfinite]