PlayStation 4 controller
PlayStation 4 controller can be used as TV remote.Reuters File

Sony recently revealed it has sold a high number of PS4 consoles. The number is a staggering 35.9 million units and over 5.7 million units during just the Holiday season. Though the figures from Microsoft's Xbox One are not yet available, all reports point to the fact that the PS4 is clearly the winner when it comes to console sales.

However, if we try to use the PS4 controller as a TV remote, it is not as easy as the Wii U, which lets its user adjust TV volume, change channels or turn the power off or on. Gamepur has shared this guide that lets PS4 users turn their controller into a TV remote, but it is not as flexible as Wii U.

A closer look at the PS4 controller reveals there are similar settings that lets usersuse it as a TV remote. Though its controls are not as smooth as Wii U, it does work.

This guide can work with any TV brand, but users are required to "Enable HDMI Device Link" when the PS4 is running. IA warning has been issued that if users try to do something different, the inputs could change.

The guide was tested on Vizio TV:

Step 1: Open the Vizio menu and go to Settings

Step 2: Select System and then CES

Step 3: Enable the Discover Device

Step 4: Process Completed (PS4 running)

Users on Sony or Samsung TVs will also be able to change settings in a similar fashion to make the guide work.

Once users have finished working on the settings, they must wake up the TV and PS4 (if it is in rest mode) using the controller. In case of some TVs, users can turn them off by going to the rest mode.

The report also shared a tip that said using the Bravia TV Player app would allow users to control the TV using the PS4 controller.