Amid rising coronavirus positive cases in the United States, a section of people who claim coronavirus is not real conducted protests and resulted in the closure of Dodger Stadium, one of the largest COVID-19 vaccination sites in the country. The protests were carried out on Saturday afternoon, and the unexpected move literally frustrated hundreds of motorists who had been waiting in the line for several hours.

Vaccination center closed

As protests went out of control, the Los Angeles Fire Department closed the entrance of the stadium for one hour. Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) officers soon responded to the scene quickly. However, a spokeswoman for the department made it clear that no arrests were made.

Creatives coronavirus

Andrea Garcia, a spokeswoman for Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, revealed that no appointments were canceled due to the protests. She also added that their ultimate aim is to vaccinate all the people in Los Angeles safely and quickly.

Even though there were no incidents of violence, protestors strongly claimed that COVID-19 is a fabricated pandemic, and they urged everyone not to take the shot.

People disappointed with protests

As the vaccination center got closed for some time, several people who waited to receive the coronavirus vaccine shot expressed their disappointment. German Jaquez, a dentist by profession lashed out at the protestors and claimed that this move by these protestors is sending a wrong message to society. 

"This is completely wrong. I've been waiting for weeks to get an appointment. I am a dentist; I am taking a big risk being around patients. I want to be safe for my patients and for my family. The vaccine is the only way to beat the virus," said Jaquez, Los Angeles Times reports. 

According to the latest updates, there are more than 26 million positive cases in the country, and the death toll has already surpassed 4,50,000.