Director Ridley Scott has revealed that the follow-up to 2012 sci-fi movie "Prometheus" would be called "Alien: Paradise Lost".

"Well, actually, really it's going to be called Alien: Paradise Lost. So Prometheus 2 is not really going to be. It's going to be Alien: Paradise Lost now," Scott revealed as reported by Ace Showbiz.

In an interview with HeyUGuys at the premiere of his latest movie "The Martian", Scott explained the sudden and unexpected title change of the upcoming science fiction movie.

"Well, because we are heading back to why and how and when the beast was invented. We will go back into the back door of the very first Alien that I did thirty years ago," he said.

Scott further added that "Paradise Lost" was actually the title of English poet John Milton's famous work about the fall of man. "You know the poem? I'm sure you've never been through it, the poem is a book, Paradise Lost. It sounds intellectual but there's a similarity to it. That's where it stops," Scott said.

Besides, the word Paradise maybe is a reference to a specific scene in the movie "Prometheus" itself in which Elizabeth Shaw's father told her where dead people go.

There also have been speculations regarding a planet named Paradise to be featured in the sequel that may serve as the home of the engineers from the first movie.

Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace are all set to reprise their roles as the android David and Elizabeth Shaw respectively. Scott will co-produce the movie with Walter hill while script will be written by Michael Green.

"Alien: Paradise Lost" is expected to hit theatres in 2017.