Samsung Project Beyond
Samsung Project BeyondSamsung Press

South Korean brand Samsung pulled the wraps off its Project Beyond, a camera module capable of shooting 3D videos at 360 degree angle, during its 2014 Developer Conference.

Capable of shooting a GigaPixel of 3D footage every second, Project Beyond is capable of streaming it live to any Samsung Gear VR headset, which can be controlled by the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 smartphone.

The manufacturer explained that Project Beyond will allow viewers to watch a live stream with ease or record for later viewing purpose. The camera is very similar to Google Street View backpack, but is much more compact.

Comprising 16 full HD cameras with ultra wide lenses, Project Beyond is capable of shooting video footages at one thousand megapixel worth video in a second. The device also features another camera on the top to capture the overhead shots.

Designed in a flying saucer like shape, Project Beyond is powered by Oculus technology, and the Samsung Gear VR is capable of delivering consumer content in virtual reality style.

Oculus is a Facebook owned virtual reality company and Samsung has an agreement with it to create virtual reality products.

Samsung will be launching the Gear VR headsets first series Innovator edition by early December. The headset is expected to be available under ₹13,000 (200 USD).