Prashant Singh
Prashant SinghPR Handout

Prashant Singh, a well Known name from Bollywood, is coming out with his short film '5 Meetings' under his own banner Ek Rupaiya Productions.

Prashant Singh is working in Bollywood since last 9 years and have already produced many movies and music videos.

Prashant Singh is a producer with a mindset of independent artist, Who always allows artists a full on freedom of creativity in his projects. This is the reason people love him and he is giving back to back projects to the industry.

This year Prashant released 3 music videos from major production companies like Zee Music Company & Raag Audio. Raag Audio and Ek Rupaiya Productions both the Companies are owned by Prashant Singh Himself.

Prashant Singh surprised his fans this week when he announced that he is going to release a short film called '5 Meetings'.

5 Meetings is based on personal relationship scenario. It represents how small issues can ruin a relationship. It is an emotional story Featuring Ankit Bhatia and Cutee Nagpal. 5 Meetings has been written and directed by Amit khanna.