Popular Tollywood producer Dil Raju is all set to begin a new phase in his life. The producer released an official statement which stated that he hasn't been going through a great time in his personal life for a while now.

"But I am hopeful things will settle down very soon and all will be well. And in that fervour of hope, it's now time for me turn over a new leaf and restart my personal life on a happy note – Dil Raju," reads the statement.

Dil Raju
Dil Raju with wife Tejaswini (Vygha Reddy).PR Handout
Dil Raju
Sneak peek from Dil Raju's wedding.

Dil Raju's marriage has been making headlines for some time now. Though the producer initially denied those rumours, the fact is that he is getting married for the second time. 

The producer is 49-years-old now and first wife Anita passed away a few years ago due to illness. So his daughter has decided to get her father married one again as she feels he has been living lonely since her mother passed away.

Dil Raju
The wedding took place as a private ceremony in Nizamabad..PR Handout

The wedding took place on May 10, in Nizamabad at a temple and a photo from the wedding has been going viral on social media. The photo gives us a glimpse of the bride Tejaswini (Vygha Reddy) who is a former air-hostess.

Dil Raju
Dil Raju's wedding in Nizamabad.PR Handout

News is that Dil Raju's daughter Hanshita Reddy, along with her husband and kids has taken the responsibility of the wedding, and she is quite happy as her father married someone who they know very well. 

The news did not go down well with all netizens while some were happy by this move, others trolled Dil Raju on social media asking him whether this is the right time and age to get married for the second time.