Bunny Vas

A Telugu cinema junior artiste, identified as Sunitha Boya, has accused producer Bunny Vas and production house Geetha Arts (which is owned by Allu Arvind) for cheating her. She visited Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce and has locked herself into the gate with a chain. From there, she recorded a video and shared on social media and said that she is being harassed by producer Bunny. In the video, she said that she will be protesting in the premises of Chamber against them and demanded an explanation from them.

Sunitha Boya

After creating a ruckus at the Chamber office, Banjara Hills police took her to the police station for counselling. This is another case that belongs to the #MeToo movement. Sri Reddy also protested in the same premises and went topless while seeking justice. Inspired from Sri Reddy, even Sunitha has said in the video that she would dare to strip in the same premises if Allu Arvind and Bunny Vas won't come down to the chamber and tell the truth to everyone. This issue has become a hot topic in the industry now.

Sunitha has been professing on her Facebook account that she is a big supporter of Pawan Kalyan-lead Jana Sena Party. On the same page, she has been posting that Bunny has cheated her. To all the posts she has been making in recent times, people have been commenting whether she is doing all this for publicity and is she is a true Pawan Kalyan fan.


To this, Sunitha shared a video clip in which she said, "Don't drag Pawan Kalyan or his political party into this issue. I am not doing this for publicity or anything else and I am not suffering from any psychological depression either."

"Bunny Vasu actually wants to help her by taking her to some counselling centre or rehab," says a source. Before the high drama at the Chamber, Sunitha left her father at the Geetha Arts office and he was creating another drama there. A source said, "The staff gave him '2,000 and booked a ticket for him back to his native place."