Pro Kabbadi League
Telugu Titans ( in yellow) will play against Dabang Delhi in the Pro Kabaddi LeaguePro Kabbabi League

Dabang Delhi will fight it out against the Telugu Titans on Sunday in Delhi at the Thyagaraj Stadium in the Star Sports Pro Kabaddi League.

The action now has shifted from Kolkata to Delhi. Neither Dabang Delhi nor Telugu Titans are in good form heading into the game.

Dabang Delhi in their last encounter ran Bengal Warriors really close but ended up on the losing side. The boys from Delhi appeared very nervous at the start in the game against Bengal. Thereafter things began to fall in place but Bengal were very good on the day.

Delhi appeared all at sea as they gave away a sizable of 14 points to the boys from Bengal when the first half came to a close. At the end of the first half, the score was 28 to 14 in Bengal's favour.

In the second half Delhi came out very aggressive as they had Bengal on the back foot by scoring points at will and quickly. Kashiling Adake in particular was tremendous as he kept going into the Bengal defence and picking off points. Surjeet Narwal, too, gave him hood support as he attacked without any restraint.

Adake, who hails from Maharashtra, racked up no less than 10 points. Narwal had 8 points to his name. They had brought back Delhi into the game as with only a few minutes remaining on the clock the score was 38 to 38. It was from here that Bengal scored some crucial and ended up with a win to their name.

Delhi would be looking to shore up their defence as in the last game they found Bengal raider Jang Kun Lee a handful. The offense, with Adake and Narwal doing well, seems to be in good form.

Telugu Titans still have a few things to sort before they take on Dabang Delhi. In their last game against Patna Pirates they began well as took of 23-19 points at the end of the first half.

They couldn't sustain the momentum and fell away in the second half. Against a very aggressive Ravi Dalal of Patna Pirates the defence came a cropper. Even in the game against Jaipur Pink Panthers the defence didn't fare too well.

Improving the state of their defence would be uppermost on the minds of the Titans. The attack should look to hold on the momentum if they take the lead again.

A very even contest is on the cards as both teams will look to improve their positions in the league.

Where to Watch Live: Dabang Delhi will play the Telugu Titans at 8 pm. Star Sports will air the match. Live coverage will comence on Star Sports HD 2 from 7.45 pm. This is the link for the live streaming option