Priyanka Chopra and Prakash Jaju
Priyanka Chopra and Prakash JajuTwitter

After Priyanka Chopra's ex-manager Prakash Jaju claimed that the actress had tried committing suicide multiple times during her struggling days, her mother Madhu Chopra took to Twitter and slammed him for making such comments. Prakash has been posting a lot of tweets about Priyanka and some of them have shocked the fans.

One of the recent tweets by Prakash said, "PC may look very strong but she was also very vulnerable in struggling days, tried to commit suicide 2-3 times but i managed to stop her [sic]." Priyanka's fans are not ready to buy such allegations and one of the fans urged others to collectively block Prakash's Twitter handle.

In response to the fan's tweet, Priyanka's mother tweeted, "@ChopraLover @1LovePC that lying b--tard spent time in jail...his old mother and father fell at Pc's feet begging forgiveness [sic]."

Priyanka and Prakash's fight started long back after the former reportedly fired Prakash for harassing her. 

On the other hand, Prakash had alleged that PeeCee had made false allegations against him and did not pay him his dues. Prakash eventually had to spend 67 days in prison after Priyanka's parents filed a police complaint against the former manager, alleging that he had been sending obscene and threatening messages to her.

Meanwhile, this is not the first time that Prakash is tweeting about Priyanka. He had earlier alleged that the actress had an affair with a married actor and also claimed that it was Priyanka's father who had framed him by sending the obscene messages to the actress' phone by using an application.

"Ek din ek hero ki MIL ne mujhe phn par baahut gaaliyan di 'Apni us r..d heroine ko samjha meri daughter ke husband ke piche padi hai'. Maine Pc ki mom ko bola ki pc ko samjhao. Pc ki maa pc ko samjhanaa toh door ulta mujhe boli 'who MIL kaunsi doodh ki dhooli hui hai' :) [sic]," he had tweeted earlier.