Priyanka Chopra is keeping busy at home during the lockdown. The global icon got on Instagram for an important live chat, she was interrupted by the sound of a falling vessel cutting through her train of thought.

Her expression at the sound has hit the internet in the feels, as everybody can think of a similar situation when working or being in video calls at home.

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra's reaction to the disruption during her live chat

We can all agree working from home and video-calling has its hurdles. You can't guarantee there won't be a disruption. Now, with the current lockdown situation thanks to Coronavirus, video-calls have become the norm. 

Bollywood celebrities are also trying to get on with work from the comfort of their homes. Priyanka Chopra tried to do just that in her recent live chat on Instagram. She was trying to have a conversation with one of the winners of her $100,000 initiative towards Coronavirus warriors. 

As she is recording her video, she says, "I know we are all trying to do the best we can." At the time, a man walks into the kitchen behind her, and a few seconds later we hear the sound of a vessel falling down. Priyanka's expression at that point is priceless. 

The best part is, we know exactly what she's thinking because we've been there too many more times than we would like to admit. The irony is when she's saying we're trying to do our best, the vessel falls, and the actress is literally trying to do her best to hold back her annoyance. The actress' fan club captured the moment for posterity's sake and it's caught fire on the internet. 

Talk about #relatable.