Priyanka Chopra
Priyanka ChopraVarinder Chawla

Priyanka Chopra's early life would soon materialise on celluloid, thanks to the actress' former flame Aseem Merchant.

Merchant, who dated Chopra for around two years during her modelling days, will make a biopic that will chronicle her early days in the showbiz. It will also focus on her stint with ex-manager Prakash Jaju, reported Mumbai Mirror.

It appears the film, which will be produced under Merchant's newly launched production house Limelight Motion Pictures, will be a controversial one.

It is well known that the former Miss World had a sore equation with Jaju, after he claimed that Chopra owed him a large sum. The situation worsened when the actress' late father Dr. Ashok Chopra filed a police complaint against the  manager, citing false accusations and threatening of family members. Eventually Jaju was arrested in 2008 from his hiding and had to spend over two months behind bars.

Merchant, who has been in touch with Jaju, let out that he would work on the project, despite the actress' probable displeasure.

"My association with Priyanka is long over. I have started a company to make films. My second film may upset someone else," Merchant told the daily. He assured that the biopic would neither sensationalise nor fictionalise the story about the actress' initial years in the industry.

Even Jaju offered his support for the project.

"I'm fine with Aseem's film. It chronicles Priyanka's life from the day she entered the film industry till I was put in jail. There will be actors who portray Hema Malini, Sridevi and Jackie Shroff too since I handled their work, before turning into a fund manager. It was only because Priyanka's father insisted that I take up her work that I returned to Bollywood," Jaju stressed.

While reports about the biopic has been making buzz, the actress, who is otherwise quite active on social networking platforms, has not spoken up on the matter yet. It remains to be seen as to how she reacts to the controversial film, planned by her former boyfriend.

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