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Priyamani has finally spilled the beans on her affair with businessman Mustufa Raj. The actress has also said that they were likely to marry next year.

Speaking to the Times of India, Priyamani said she met Mustufa Raj four years ago during the Indian Premiere League (IPL). Initially they were just good friends, but love soon blossomed between them, she says.

Priyamani adds that it is she who proposed him first. "Initially, I sent him a text saying that I liked him, which, even today, he thinks was a joke. I professed my feelings for him when we met the next day, but he realized how serious I was only after a couple more months."

She calls her beau a straight forward person, who has a good sense of humour. Mustufa Raj takes care of her and ensures that she has a smile on her face all the time, believes the 31-year-old actress.

The "Paruthi Veeran" actor explains that her family had no issues accepting him as her man. Priyamani's father, mother, brother and sister-in-law are happy with the relationship.

In fact, her father talks to Mustufa more often than talking to her. Talking about Mustufa's parents, Priyamani says, "Well, they are the most down-to-earth people I have met. I have met them twice and had dinner with them too. I think we are blessed that both sets of parents have accepted this relationship."

However, the marriage date is not fixed yet. Priyamani has decided to shift to Mumbai post her wedding. She confirmed that the couple would tie the knot sometime in 2016. She said that the decision to continue acting depends on whether filmmakers are interested in casting her in their films post her marriage.

The reports on Mustufa Raj and Priyamani's relationship have been hitting headlines for some time now. It was unofficially confirmed that they were in love after she started posting their photos on Twitter.