At a time when the entire world slowly starts understanding the meaning of special kids (differently-abled), a Mollywood movie starring Prithviraj Sukumaran in the lead role is derailing all the progress made by the government and NGOs about that marginalized society that still struggles to come up in this democratic nation. 

Representational Image (Left), Prithviraj Sukumaran (Right)YouTube

In the recently released movie Kaduva, the protagonist Kaduvakkunnel Kuruvachan, played by Prithviraj Sukumaran says that autistic children are the result of the past deeds done by their parents. How idiotic and amateurish, especially from the mouth of a self-proclaimed visionary who always eye for political correctness. 

In the movie Kaduva, the clash between the antagonist and protagonist starts from this particular scene, and we wonder whether there aren't any other choices to trigger this tiff? 

Shishira Shivadas, mother of two differently-abled kids told International Business Times, India, "I never expected this from a movie featuring Prithviraj. I thought he was a man of ethics. How can he say such a dialogue on-screen or off-screen about such blessed kids? When I was in theatre, I was crying."

"The respected scriptwriter tried to give an intuition that these kids are the result of our past deeds. How can he say that? This is something unacceptable, and I wonder, what those censor board members were doing when a character utters such a pathetic dialogue," she continued. 

Arati Manohar who has an 11-year-old autistic child said, "He is my blessing. He is my everything, I regret the moment I took the ticket to this movie. Everything is a comedy now, and they portrayed our blessed kids in such an unacceptable manner."

Krishnadas, a practising lawyer said, "There is a law of the land. We cannot mock special kids like this. It is legally incorrect. How can a scriptwriter do all this and can roam Scott free when laws like 'Right of Persons with Disabilities Act' are prevalent in this society." 

This particular dialogue in Kaduva literally conveys a bad message. As a celebrity who has a huge influence in this society, it is the duty of Prithviraj Sukumaran to extend his apologies to thousands of parents who weep, fight, struggle, and live for their differently-abled blessed children.