Google controls the mobile operating systems of the world
Google controls the mobile operating systems of the worldPrisma via Twitter

If one's on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, then they must be aware of Prisma, a photo editing app currently exclusive to iOS devices that gives photos an Edvard Munch-/"The Scream"-esque look. Android users have been eagerly awaiting the launch of this app for their devices and the wait is almost over, well almost.

Prisma's developer, Prisma.AI launched a beta version of the app on Tuesday, July 19 and quickly ended the programme the following day. According to the company, they had collected enough feedback from users to get the official Android release ready later this month. Prisma.AI hasn't mentioned the app's official release date though.

According to a report by TheNextWeb, the beta release was suspended prematurely because somebody had posted the Prisma Android app's APK file online. The report added that users who've installed the app, legitimately or through a side-load, will find that the app no longer works.

While Prisma.AI will be launching the official app on the Google Play Store in a few days, here are four alternatives that one can turn to in the mean time.


An app that uses the power of machine learning and computer vision to not just add effects to photos, but come up with a new photo altogether, Pikazo is probably the closest to Prisma in the way it functions. A slightly time consuming process, using Pikazo first involves selecting an image, choosing the style in which one wants it re-imagined and waiting a few minutes. The wait comes up as a result of the app sending the image to Pikazo's servers where some serious number crunching happens and the final image is produced and sent to the user's device.

According to the creators, Pikazo allows users to painy any image in any artist's style. While the results many not necessarily seem like they're worthy of being displayed at an art gallery, the image produced will always be unique. This app is designed to create art and a certain degree of knowledge will help users get a little extra out of their images.

Oil Painting Effect

For those who don't have so much time to spend and would rather see instant effects and have a certain degree of control over their image, Oil Painting Effect comes in to save the day. Using the app is as simple as selecting the image and using the sliders to control how much of an oil painting effect their image has.

Polygon Effect

For users not so keen on painting technique and more focused on making their images look cool, Polygon Effect proves to be a better fit. Much like Oil Painting Effect, Polygon Effect allows users to convert their images to polygon art while giving them the flexibility to make their images look detailed in high-poly mode or more artsy and imagined in low-poly mode. There are several other effects included in the app that users can choose from. The app not only allows users to edit images stored in one's device, but also allows users to shoot an image on the fly and edit it in a seamless fashion.