Kate Middleton
Britain's Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, adjusts her hair during a bid to launch a British team for the America's Cup, at the National Maritime Museum in London on 10 June 2014.Reuters

Princess Kate is having a tough time fulfilling her royal duties even through her pregnancy.

A new report suggests that the Duchess of Cambridge, in a bid to be the epitome of a good royal escort, is under pressure to put on a smile during her public appearances.

To the outside world, she appears as the luckiest girl in the world. She is married to a prince and will become queen one day, she gets her outfits made from the best fashion designers in the world, she lives in a castle heard of in fairy tales and has also been blessed with the boon of motherhood.

However, no one seems to remember when was the last time she hung out with her friends.

A report in New York Observer says that Princess Kate is "the picture of a perfect royal escort," but has rarely been seen having fun with her friends after her wedding, without having to worry about her royal duties or etiquette. She has made "family and duty her priority," which is "well and good and it works for the royal family."

The report says that Kate and her sister Pippa used to frequent clubs and hang out like other girls of their age before she married into the royal family. However, people now see a Duchess who attends public events with anything but a "frown or a forced smile on her face."

The report further says: "There's no doubt they are pushing Will and Kate to maintain their humdrum image after the whirlwind of scandal surrounding the palace in the 1980s and early 1990s thanks to the Princess of Wales and the Duchess of York."

It has also been learnt that Prince William and Princess Kate do not approve of Pippa's lifestyle and are believed to be trying to maintain a distance from her. "Rumor has it that she and Prince William are not fans of Pippa Middleton's increasingly high profile, bolstered by her Vanity Fair columns, her interest in appearing on the Today Show and, of course, that truly bizarre handgun incident," the report added.

Now that Princess Kate is not able to spend much time with her sister as well, she is in need of a friend more than ever. Hopefully, like her other wishes, this one too will come true soon.