Kate Middleton
Kate MiddletonReuters

The 2007 breakup of Kate Middleton and Prince William was a turning point in their relationship. Kate Middleton had a decision to make, but more importantly, so did Prince William. A major reason for the break up has been attributed to the fact that Prince William did not want to be tied down.

But it seems that there was another reason Prince William was hesitant to commit to Kate Middleton. He thought he could do better, well at least according to a Royal biographer. This is a pretty serious claim that could shed whole new light on the relationship of Kate Middleton and Prince William. Did he settle for her? Is he still not satisfied with his choice? Even after about a decade of marriage and three children, doubts are never far away. Especially when it comes to a relationship that began with the question, "Could I do better?"

Biographer Andrew Morton, in his 2011 book "William and Catherine", delves into the 2007 split. Mr. Morton writes: "In April, much to Kate's distress, William ended their relationship.....It was a storm that had been brewing a long time, arising from his unwillingness to commit and the feeling his friends noted that 'he could do better'." 

Kate Middleton
Britain's Prince William and his wife Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge applaud during the men's singles final tennis match between Novak Djokovic of Serbia and Roger Federer of Switzerland at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships, in LondonReuters

It seems that Prince William realised the folly of his ways and decided to stick with Kate Middleton after all. But even so, it does raise questions about the foundation of their relationship. Especially with rumours recently resurfacing, about Prince William allegedly cheating on Kate Middleton. Though these rumours may have been baseless, one can't completely ignore if the couple Cambridge truly is going strong or if it is just an act for the public and the cameras. Even Meghan Markle came out in support of Kate Middleton when the cheating rumours re-surfaced.

Whatever the truth of their relationship, they do make an adorable couple.