Prince William, Kate Middleton
Prince William, Kate Middleton and their son Prince George during a visit to the Sensational Butterflies exhibition at the Natural History Museum in London.Reuters file

Kate Middleton's alleged pregnancy has been garnering a lot of media attention, with at least one new report each week claiming to have exclusive details of the Duchess of Cambridge's second baby.

Now, Life& Style has come out with a new report claiming that Middleton is expecting a baby girl this time around.

Both Prince William and Middleton have expressed their desire to extend their family, and are reportedly eager to welcome a baby girl into their household, a source told Life & Style magazine, according to the US edition of IBTimes.

"She feels different this time around. [She] is convinced she's having a girl," the palace insider told the magazine, whose cover reads: "Kate And William's Baby Joy: It's A Girl!"

On a number of occasions, palace officials have denied such pregnancy rumors. However, this has not prevented the Life & Style report from claiming that Middleton is already settling up the nursery for Prince George's sibling.

Reportedly, Middleton has purchased a lot of little pink dresses for the baby, and she has even put up a modern crib, traditional rocking chair and a number of furnishings in the nursery.

Similar to Middleton's first pregnancy, this time around too she is experiencing problems with her health. As royal watchers would recollect, Middleton suffered from an acute form of morning sickness when she was pregnant with Prince George.

"She's lost a lot of weight like she did at the start of her pregnancy with George," said the insider, and another source added: "Kate is way beyond exhausted."

Middleton's pregnancy rumors got a further boost from Princess Diana's former astrologer, Penny Thornton, who said that Prince George will soon have a baby brother or sister.

Predicting what's in store for the toddler, who turned one on Tuesday, Thornton told People: "The first big thing that is going to happen to him is the arrival of a new baby brother or sister which will almost certainly be next year.

"The advent of a new sibling will make a big difference to George because he will be knocked off his pedestal, but already we can see he is a charming, outgoing, confident little person."

On how Prince George would react to a new sibling, the astrologer said that although he will have his share of temper tantrums, the prince is a "happy little person."

"I expect he will continue to put his little foot down," Thornton said. "But he is a curious, happy little person who is the epicenter of his parent's love and attention."