Prince William Apologises to Crowd for his Pregnant Wife's Absence in Malta
Britain's Prince William arrives for a re-enactment of a 16th century military parade outside the Presidential Palace in Valletta September 20, 2014. Prince William has replaced his wife Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, as Britain's representative at Malta's 50th anniversary of independence celebrations, as she is suffering from the effects of Hyperemesis Gravidarum and on the advice of doctors cancelled her first solo royal visit outside of the United Kingdom. The former British colony gained its independence on September 21, 1964.Reuters

British Royal family is in news for all the wrong reasons with reports suggesting that Queen Elizabeth would hand over the throne to Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton instead of Prince Charles and his wife Camilla Parker-Bowles. As if that's not enough, reports suggested Prince William has turned down the Queen's proposal to his pregnant wife.

Globe Magazine's November 10th edition has its cover that reads: "Love story of the century, William gives up throne to save pregnant Kate" according to Celebdirty Laundry website that has the screenshot of the magazine cover.

However, there is no authenticity to this report and it differs from British Monarchy laws which say that Prince Charles would automatically become the heir of the throne after Queen Elizabeth II's abdication. The laws say that the crown passes to the eldest son of the monarch.

Queen Elizabeth II became the Queen because King George VI had no son and she is his eldest daughter.

Act of Union 1800 defines the monarchy succession laws in the United Kingdom, and in the current line of succession, Prince William would sit on the throne only after Prince Charles' abdication or if the latter decides to pass on the throne. After Prince William, it is Prince Harry who would get the privilege to become the King.

Contrary to the laws, the magazine went on say that "Prince William wants the crown to be passed to his father, Prince Charles." This report has created major stir and invited flak from the fans of royal family with many taking to Twitter to question the validity of the report while some believed it and said it shows Prince William's love for Kate. Here are a few reactions:

Meanwhile, Prince William would be next seen attending a series of events in Wales. His wife Middleton, who is currently expecting her second child, would accompany him. They would visit the Valero Pembroke Refinery to celebrate "Wales Away Day" before celebrating 50th anniversary of Oil refinery with workers and unveiling paintings by local artists.