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The reason behind Prince Harry's former girlfriend Cressida Bonas' decision to call it quits on their relationship might have something to do with his cheating ways, claims a new report.

The couple, who went their separate ways for unknown reasons early this year, is said to have rekindled their romance a few months later. But Prince Harry's wandering eyes soon became a problem, according to Star magazine. Harry was reportedly caught kissing another woman when he was still involved with Bonas, and this is what put the nail on the coffin.

"Harry still acts like a teenager. When he's drinking, he'll stick his tongue down the throat of any girl who takes his fancy. She was angry with herself for trusting Harry again… he said he was sorry and that it would never happen again, but the damage was done. She thinks he'll never change," an unnamed source told the publication, reported The Epoch Times.

Harry and Bonas, an actress, ended their two-year relationship in April, but they have been spotted on a number of dates since then. Although the couple did not reveal the reason for their split, reports at the time noted that Bonas struggled to deal with the immense pressure and media scrutiny that came with dating a royal.

Meanwhile, Harry is said to have expressed a desire to find an "army wife" fearing that his bachelor status would hamper his career in the defence forces. The 30-year-old has been a captain with the Blues and Royals since 2011, and is hoping that a promotion to Major would be easier if he got hitched, reports said.

"I'll have to marry if I'm to stay in the Army. I don't think I can climb the ranks as a bachelor," he told friends, according to Mirror. "Being a soldier's wife can be dull, especially if troops are away on ops like I am. It's a lot of hassle," he admitted to friends.

A colleague of the Prince told the outlet that Harry is one among the few bachelors around, as a lot of people who joined with him are already married.

"He's one of a small number of bachelors still clinging on to that single status. Harry says he wants to marry but he knows he has to find someone he loves who will put up with the pressure of being wed to a famous man as well as being an Army wife.

"That's quite a combination."