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Marriage is hard, especially when you're a Royal, it takes compromise and sacrifice. But it looks like Prince Harry had to sacrifice a lot more than he expected.

Prince Harry has lost friends following his marriage to former Suits star Meghan Markle, according to royal expert Melanie Bromley. Apparently, the Duchess of Sussex is not quite popular with Harry's friends. Reportedly Meghan Markle is allegedly "not popular in a lot of circles", according to royal expert Angela Levin, following claims the new mum was labelled as "Duchess Difficult" by royal staff.

But the pair do seem to be in love and it doesn't look like Prince Harry is about to abandon his wife to please a few of his friends. E! News' royal correspondent Melanie Bromley insisted Meghan is "sticking around for good" and is not to blame for Harry's broken friendships as a result of his decision to settle down. 

Meghan Markle
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Ms. Bromley said: "Meghan is sticking around for good. Here's the thing, Harry's life has changed dramatically. He was massively social on the London scene." There is no denying that Prince Harry is a changed man since he married Meghan Markle. "He was a person that was holding parties, he was hanging around with Guy Pelly and all of these people that were just partying a lot.

He has definitely stopped that", added the expert. But we have to say that, Prince Harry seems to have changed for the better, especially as a parent, he can't go back to his wild bachelor days. Meghan Markle has had to face a lot of displeasure from fans ever since she joined the Royal Family. You can check out the video here: