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Royal functions are aplenty but Kate Middleton's parents are now often found missing at events that would earlier chronicle their presence. In recent months, the Duchess of Cambridge's family was absent at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee pageant and more conspicuously, at Royal Ascot. The Middletons, who were often a common sight at several occasions held by the Windsor family, are now a couple whose nonattendance raises several questions. One is led to wonder if everything is alright between Prince William and Kate Middleton's families.

The parents of the Duchess of Cambridge are decidedly elsewhere during royal functions and this may have something to do with Prince Charles. Palace sources say that Prince George and Princess Charlotte's grandfather thinks the royal children spend quite a bit of time with their maternal grandparents and in comparison, he just doesn't see them enough.

The Daily Mail reported that Prince Charles wants to groom and mentor his grandson, who is after all, the heir to the throne. Earlier, Prince Charles revealed that he along with Prince George planted a few trees in his Gloucestershire garden home. And according to sources, it is this intimate, familial relationship that's lacking between him and Prince William and Kate Middleton's kids.

"He will always insist the grandchildren come to Scotland so that they can learn to shoot, hunt and fish. That's very important to Charles. He wishes the family would do more traditional things like holiday in Scotland," the outlet quoted a source as saying.

It's unclear if the Middletons will join Prince William, his wife and their kids when they travel to Birkhall, Prince Charles's house on the Balmoral estate. But palace sources claim that there hasn't been any talk of an invitation being extended to Carole and Michael.

"While Charles would never dream of saying anything to upset William, he might be making a point by keeping the Middletons at arm's length," a source added.

However, palace representatives haven't confirmed or denied the claims made by several sources and according to Daily Mail, "there is no questioning the fact that the Middletons have dropped out of public view."