Pretty Tony
Pretty Tony

Ask every artist, and they will tell you what inspired them to produce and write their music. Whether it be their struggles, their journey, or their lifestyle, inspiration is behind all music listened to today. This includes rap music, a genre that doesn't get as much credit as it should when it comes to stories and inspiration. Artist Pretty Tony knows this all too well as most people don't even ask him what the motivation was behind his hit song 'Retire Me a Stripper.'

The truth is there was a lot of inspiration behind his popular rap song. In an industry full of quick judgments and assumptions, Pretty Tony doesn't mind sharing it. "Everyone sees the money, the bottles, and the beautiful girls, but no one knows the true story of our come-up together," states Pretty Tony. Originally from St. Louis, MO Pretty Tony knows what it's like to climb the ladder to success and isn't afraid of what others think.

'Retire Me a Stripper' is a unique song that everyone loves in the club. "Strip clubs were a part of my journey," explains Tony. "I would find the best dancer in the club and tell her to turn up to my music. After that, there'd be 10-15 girls all dancing to my music, and my career exploded. These women promoted me, and I like to give back."

Born Jeffery Q. Sanders, Pretty Tony is known as a high-roller in the clubs, and he claims that he personally took 4 or 5 girls out of the strip club because he paid them so much money.

Baller Status is one thing, but his motives are a bit more altruistic than meets the eye. "If you come up in the club together, be a big enough man to pay up. Put your money where your mouth is." The music video, while ostentatious and over-the-top, is a reflection of Pretty Tony's attitude and lifestyle. It's loud, it's lavish, but the money flows full circle.

Pretty Tony admits the most he's ever spent in one night at the club is about 10-20K, but he's got it, and he isn't too shy to throw it around. "The clubs love me. They love my music, they love my vibe, and the girls go crazy when I walk in. This is what my career is about." Pretty Tony's life is wild, and his followers get a glimpse of it on his IG account @prettymftony. If you look beyond the clubs, the strippers, the cash, and the bottles, people can see the real story of a self-made man from Missouri living live how he wants.

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