Things took a turn for the worse for Alison on Tuesday's episode of "Pretty Little Liars" entitled "Last Dance", when Charles kidnapped her and finally revealed his identity to her.

The episode ended with Charles leading his baby sister down a dark hallway as Alison continued pestering him to talk to her. Instead he removed his mask, and Alison seemed shocked to learn who her brother is, as her last words before the episode ended were "Oh, my god."

Although fans are still clueless about A's identity, there are many suspects, with Jason and Wren being just two of them.

Meanwhile, executive producer Marlene King took to Twitter to assure fans that the wait will end on 11 August, and A's true identity will be revealed next Tuesday. She also reiterated that A is not some random guy, and that viewers have seen him before.

"No more lies. No more almost "A" reveals. This is it. The end of the story. Are you ready?" she tweeted on Tuesday. King also warned fans to be prepared for an emotional midseason finale, tweeting: "Just watched the final playback of next week's finale. I'm still crying. And I still have goosebumps. You will see, hear and know who A is."

 The finale will be one hour and it will be packed with answers to most of the questions that have been plaguing viewers since the first season. "U will see Charles. U will hear Charles. U will know Charles. As the PLLs discover A's story, so will you," King tweeted.

The summer finale is entitled "Game Over, Charles" and according to the official synopsis for the episode, the truth about Toby's mother's death will be revealed in the episode.

Viewers will also get to meet the entire A team.

"Why has 'A' been targeting the PLLs all this time? After years of torture, Alison, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer finally come face-to-face with their tormentor and learn the story of how and why Charles became 'A,'" the synopsis reads.

"Pretty Little Liars" airs Tuesdays on ABC Family.