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Season 6 of Freeform's "Pretty Little Liars" ended with a bang.

The episode started with the gang going on with their plan to use Hanna as bait to lure Uber A into revealing his/her true identity. However, their plan goes horribly wrong and the last we saw of Hanna, she was her being dragged through a church. We'll have to wait till Season 7 to find out whether she is dead or alive.

The last episode of the season also saw Alison checking into a mental health facility after believing she was hallucinating about her dead mother and officer Wilden. However, it was soon revealed that Mary Drake, Mrs DiLaurentis' twin, and Elliot were dressing up as Jessica and Wilden respectively as part of their secret plan.

The final episode also revealed that Mary Drake had given up a son named Charles for adoption, and as "Pretty Little Liars" fans know, Charles became Charlotte in the Season 6 midseason finale. This makes Alison and Charlotte cousins.

Meanwhile, Mrs DiLaurentis' murder is still a mystery and fans will have to wait till June to find out more about who killed Alison's mother. Charlotte revealed in Season 6 that she was the one who buried Mrs DiLaurentis, but admitted she did not kill her adoptive mother.

Could Mary and Dr Rollins be the ones behind Mrs DiLaurentis' death?

In January, Sasha Pieterse, who plays Alison DiLaurentis, said there's more to the story about her onscreen mom's demise.

"You find out some very interesting things about why she was killed," she told MTV. "You get to find out about more family life. The DiLaurentis family is so messed up. I've never seen a family like this!"

"I think Alison at this point thinks she knows everything that happened with her family, and she is still very much in the dark!"