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Tuesday's episode of "Pretty Little Liars" saw Elliot, who was first introduced as Charlotte's doctor, bidding adieu to Rosewood for good, never to return. The character played by Huw Collins died in the episode titled "The Talented Mr. Rollins" and it showed the Liars burying him.

But the show isn't done with Elliot just yet. According to Collins, viewers will see the character in flashback and going forward we'll find out more about Elliot's past and what made him so dark.

"This is a personal perspective, but I think it would be really useful and interesting to see where this darkness of Elliott and Mary and their team originated from," Collins told Entertainment Weekly. "Anytime a character is so extreme, like Elliott has been, I think you always feel like you want to know why he was so extreme about it. Otherwise, it's a motive-less action."

Collins seemed to have liked playing a negative character, as he received a lot of compliments for his portrayal of Elliot Rollins. "While obviously a lot of them have been concerned for Ali's safety and talked about how they don't like what my character is doing, they have been very complimentary about how affected they are by my character," Collins revealed.

Next week's episode is titled "Hit and Run, Run, Run" and it will see the Liars trying their best to distance themselves from Elliot's death. They go back to cover up their tracks, but Hanna points out that somebody is sure to leave a mark that will help the police realise the Liars are involved in Elliot's death.

The episode will also feature Jenna's return to Rosewood. She was last seen in "How the 'A' Stole Christmas."

The synopsis for "Hit and Run, Run, Run" reads:

The PLLs desperately attempt to cover up their secret, and in turn, end up straining their relationships with their respective bed buddies by keeping them in the dark. While the aftermath of Haleb's kiss weighs on Spaleb's relationship, Spencer copes in ways she might later regret. Mona intervenes with the cover-up plan, for better or worse.

"Pretty Little Liars" airs Tuesdays on Freeform.