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Is Charlotte still alive on Facebook/Pretty Little Liars

Season 7 of "Pretty Little Liars" kicked off with a bang last week with an episode that provided more questions than answers. The Liars are no closer to finding out the identity of the new villain, dubbed Uber A, but they have come to the conclusion that Alison's husband, Dr Rollins, is up to no good.

The third episode of the season seems to be focused on the Liars' efforts to save Alison from the mental health facility where she is currently housed. It also looks like Hanna, who was picked up by Mary Drake after her escape from Uber A's clutches, hasn't gone back to her friends, as the synopsis for "The Talented Mr. Rollins" states that the Liars will still be dealing with the shock of Hanna's abduction and dark fate.

Also, online chatter hints at episode 3 revealing the identity of the person who was being buried by the girls in the Season 7 premiere. While there isn't any clarity on who died and why, a good number of fans believe it could be Dr. Rollins. Elliot has been sketchy ever since he made an appearance in Season 6B, and his death won't be much of a loss, considering he married Alison just to gain control of the Carissimi group. As for how he dies, here's what one fan has to say: "The Liars go to the hospital to rescue Alison from Rollins. Rollins attempts to stop them and they end up pushing Rollins out a window to his death. He is the body that the liars bury."

The official synopsis for "The Talented Mr. Rollins" reads:

Still reeling from the trauma of Hanna's abduction and dark fate, the Liars must shift their focus to another one of their own. In order to protect Alison from Uber A's threats, the PLLs snap into action at a chance to rescue her from the hospital. However, in doing so, they make a deadly mistake that changes everything.

"Pretty Little Liars" airs Tuesdays on Freeform. This Tuesday's episode is titled "Bedlam" and it will see the girls beginning to grow suspicious of Elliott Rollins as Alison's condition worsens.