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Warning: Major spoilers ahead

The seventh and final season of "Pretty Little Liars" kicked off with a bang recently as the mystery, thrill and drama started to unfold in the premiere episode titled "Tick-Tock, Bitches." In the episode directed by Ron Lagomarsino, the Liars try to rescue Hanna from the new stalker while Mary and Elliot continue to try and keep Alison trapped inside the psychiatric hospital.

While the episode, with its highs and lows, successfully maintained the usual suspense and drama generally seen in the show, the music featured in it helped in highlighting its key moments. Songs by the likes of Andrew Belle and The Fray were a treat to listen to.

One of the key moments arrived when Aria ran into Emily while heading home and also when Emily told Sabrina about her suspicion that a friend might have done something bad. Both these scenes featured "I Won't Fight It," a song by Andrew Belle. It is an up-tempo alternative track that has an intriguing build-up with a steady rhythm and synth-based melodies. The song was used quite aptly in the episode's background score as it highlighted its initial dramatic plugs.

Another intriguing song that featured in the episode was "Nowhere To Run" by My Brothers And I. It was featured in the scene where Aria entered the Snooker Bar. "Happiness," one of the most popular songs written by The Fray, also features in the same scene and starts playing when a man at the bar changes the song in the jukebox.

A tender moment in the episode was served towards the end during Emily's search for clues in Alison's room. As she searches, she starts remembering the intimate moments she spends with Alison. That is when a re-imagined version of "Every Breath You Take" by The Police starts to play in the background. This re-imagined version by Denmark & Winter, with its piano and synth-based approach toward sound, adds to the mystique and emotional nature of the scene.

Overall, the soundtrack for "Pretty Little Liars" Season 7 episode 1 was as intriguing as the episode itself.