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The filming for Season 7 episode 1 of "Pretty Little Liars" is finally over, Marlene recently informed her followers via a tweet on April 19, 2016. The episode is set to be aired on June 21 and the viewers will possibly learn what's in store for Hanna, who was last seen being dragged to the bell tower by "A.D." the new villain.

The cast of "Pretty Little Liars" have been constantly uploading photographs from the set since the production commenced earlier this month, but Ashley Benson, who plays Hanna, has been missing in those pictures. It's too soon to say if Benson's character is alive or dead, but the actress had earlier hinted that Hanna would be safe.

"You may not see me next season guys ... Kidding! ... But I might be in a lot of danger as well as all the other Liars, and the boys, for that matter," Benson told Entertainment Tonight shortly after the Season 6 finale.

Photographs from the set reveal that Mona and Caleb will be up to something in the Season 7 premiere and Aria gets into some sort of trouble, as one picture shows her face smeared with dirt. The Lost Woods resorts will also be featured heavily in the premiere segment.

The Season 6 finale finally introduced the twin element when it revealed that Mrs DiLaurentis' twin Mary Drake is the biological mother of Charlotte, and we saw her using Elliot to manipulate Alison, who checked herself into a mental health facility towards the end of the episode.

But does Mary have a sympathetic backstory that will make her less of a villain? "Oh, I think that's a must," actress Andrea Parker, who plays Mary, told TVLine in March. "That's what will make it interesting for me, and I expect for the fans as well. The love she has for Charlotte — and any other people that may or may not be in her past — would bring another dimension to her."