"Pretty Little Liars" fans are still waiting for any morsel of information regarding Spencer and Toby's relationship, and actor Keegan Allen recently hinted that fans are going to flip out when the show returns in January.

Season 6B of "Pretty Little Liars" will feature a five-year time-jump that will see the Liars -- Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer -- enjoying adulthood. Although they have kept in touch, they have been piling on secrets that will complicate their lives once they come back to Rosewood.

The Liars' partners, too, have changed in these five years. When Allen was questioned about his character's future with Spencer, he remained vague but told ET that "ultimately the huge reveals are what this show is based on."

 "For the people that are die-hard fans of the show, I think they are going to flip out," he stressed. "There are a slew of changes and it's kind of the way you'd want to see the show come together.

"And without giving away too much, there are so many reveals not just with Spencer and Toby, and not just with Hanna and Caleb, and all these characters, Ezra and Aria, but more so about this story coming together after 5 years -- seeing where everybody is at and what really happened."

The season 6 summer finale ended with the revelation that CeCe Drake, aka Charlotte DiLaurentis, was the face behind the mask and was the person who had been hurting the Liars for years after stealing the game from Mona in season 3.

The next season will see another villain taking her place, and he forces Aria, Emily, Spencer and Hanna to return to Rosewood High, where Alison is a teacher.

"All of the girls, when they come back to Rosewood, are carrying something with them that has happened from where they're living, and it's going to be interesting to see how they all come back and what relationships they're all in and all of that," actress Shay Mitchell, who plays Emily, told People.