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ABC Family's "Pretty Little Liars" is coming up with a special "5 Years Forward" episode on Tuesday that will offer viewers a glimpse into what the Liars — Aria, Emily, Spencer and Hannah — have been up to in the five years since they left Rosewood.

The first half of Season 6 ended with CeCe Drake being revealed as A, and the Liars moving out of Rosewood. Each of them have built a life outside the scandal that followed them throughout their high school years, but something will force them to return to Rosewood five years later.

Spoilers revealed that the four Liars will come back to Rosewood to help CeCe, but they will soon get caught up in another mystery involving yet another unidentified villain.

According to executive producer Marlene King, the new villain is more lethal that CeCe's "A."
"The new big bad — I wont say if it's a he or a she. We think it's a he right now, but you never know," King told HollywoodLife at New York Comic-Con on 9 October. "But the new big bad is more lethal. The new big bad isn't playing a game. The new big bad has an agenda and will not stop at anything before that agenda is taken care of."

Tuesday's special episode will see the cast and crew of the show talking about what fans can expect in the highly anticipated time-jump.

Here are a few things we know:

  • Spencer is active in politics and very successful on the professional front. But her romance with Toby seems to have ended.
  • Aria has made a career in publishing and she and Ezra aren't an item any more.
  • Hannah is in fashion and engaged, sadly not to Caleb.
  • Emily is now a bartender and she seems to be the only one who did not like her college life.

"Pretty Little Liars: 5 Years Forward" will be aired on ABC Family on Tuesday, 24 November at 8 pm ET.