Spoilers for the second half of season 6 of "Pretty Little Liars" indicate that Hanna and Caleb, popularly known as Haleb, could have broken up post the five-year time jump.

The midseason finale of the show gave viewers a glimpse of the girls five years after the big A reveal, and initially Haleb fans were thrilled because it showed Ashley Benson's character with an engagement ring on her finger.

Executive producer of the show, Marlene King, also revealed that Hanna will be engaged in season 6B, but new rumours doing the rounds indicate that her current fiancé might not be Caleb (Tyler Blackburn).

As per some reports, a new character named Jordan will make his appearance in season 6B, and he will be Hanna's new love interest. According to TV Line, Jordan is 27-year-old and he works in the fashion industry, the same area where Hanna is believed to be working post the time jump.

A leaked audition tape, the authenticity of which is yet to be verified, also reveals that Jordan and Hanna are in a relationship. It also suggests that she and Caleb have not been a pair for a while now. It notes that Hanna is nervous about Caleb and Jordan meeting for the first time, meaning the two have not been keeping in touch post their breakup.

As for what else is in store for viewers in January, when ABC Family will premiere season 6B, Marlene King revealed that the A mystery is yet to be over. 

Besides Mrs DiLaurentis' death, the connection between CeCe Draka and Red Coat remains to be explained and this will be a part of the winter premiere of the show.

"Some of that is mystery moving forward as we make the time jump, so I can't really tell you that much about it. There are questions that are asked and some are answered in our first episode when we come back," the show creator told Entertainment Weekly.

Season 6B will see the Liars back in Rosewood and their new secrets will come back to haunt them.